The weirdest and craziest videos you'll ever see on YouTube — all in one place! This is what this category is all about. We mean, just look at the picture, it says it all!

1. WolfieRaps

7,948,628 subscribers
Energetic boy making crazy videos on the Internet!

2. David Firth

931,897 subscribers
My name is David Firth, I make animations and other stuff. Most notable stuff: Salad Fingers, Spoilsbury Toast Boy, Sock, Jerry Jackson, Burnt Face Man, Health Reminder, Crooked Rot, Not Stanley etc. I also produced and filmed the majority of the Devvo videos.

3. cyriak

1,041,503 subscribers
I'm a freelance animator based somewhere in the UK. Feel free to get in touch for professional commissions (or anything else) via twitter or my website. I've given up trying to figure out youtube's messaging system. The software I use is photoshop and after effects for animation and fruity loops for music.​

4. Thelittlefears

622,753 subscribers
Watch a bunch of friends eat weird stuff! New videos daily!!!

5. hiimrawn

285,642 subscribers
My videos consist of him hanging out in his own basement, doing solo physical comedy routines, or dressing up in different costumes and playing multiple characters.

6. The Best Fails

596,266 subscribers
Fails, Fails, Fails. New Fail Compilations every week! Our comps are filled with videos of extreme sports gone wrong, stupid stunts, bloopers, kids, hot girls and old people getting owned and more! Have an Epic Fail video, Stupid Stunt, something Gone Wrong or someone getting OWNED caught on tape? Click below to submit it and check back to see if it made it into our weekly compilations.

7. Dr. Vikram

380,126 subscribers
Hi! friends Welcome to our channel - we make videos every week! We used to upload Medical and Surgical Videos, enhancing the medical education upward, educational & infotainment channel.

8. Nana825763

169,299 subscribers
Im PiroPito(=nana825763). Im making video.​

9. Sickanimation

132,889 subscribers
Animation videos that feature characters like a rapping Scooby Doo, neighbor and a psychic team comprised of an anthropomorphic alligator, unicorn and green blob thing.

10. Ted Barrus (FBI)

90,895 subscribers
My name is Ted Barrus, but I'm better known as: "The Fire Breathing Idiot" I specialize in video reviews as well as insane challenges Some of the things I review include: Hot sauces. World's hottest peppers. Anything and everything spicy. Unique sodas. Chocolate/fudge. Cannabis Products.

11. Jillian Mayer

14,979 subscribers
A weird video.

12. Larry Carlson

11,515 subscribers
Visionary Artist - Surrealist Adventures - Trippy Visuals G4Tech TV called him “The Salvador Dali of the Next Century”, and High Times magazine labeled him an “Artistic Mastermind”. Larry Carlson is a legendary visionary artist who utilizes a vast range of mediums to create mind-boggling art that will make you think twice about how you see the world. Larry Carlson's animations have been featured on Adult Swim's Off the Air television show. He has also been featured in magazines like Vice, Juxtapoz, High Times, and Cracked.

13. Fart Master

15,277 subscribers
I, my friends... am the FART MASTER.

14. My Wife’s Junk

7,517 subscribers
My wife left after 6 years of marriage and all I got was this house full of lousy junk! LOL. Now I'm trying to get rid of it by selling it to YOU. Everything must go... Hopefully, my trash can be your treasure!

15. AdamDiddy

38,888 subscribers
Greetings everyone! My name is Adam and I play a character named AdamDiddy who greatly enjoys flushing strange things down my bathroom toilet. Sometimes they clog and that's okay. Gumby likes to occasionally watch. I'm a funny Canadian eh! I'm just a regular guy with a family in the suburbs and a full-time job. And no, this is not some sort of fetish. Please note that any and all food that I flush down the toilet is either expired or turned bad. New videos weekly!