You have a lot of fantasies in your head, you love writing and you’re sure you would be able to write a story that would become a bestseller, but you do not know where to start? Famous modern writers and editors in the videos under the Writers category will teach you or help you master your writing skills, tell about creating great and memorable characters, discuss today’s hot topics and offer their help with editing your work. Join the writing community in Writers!

1. Jenna Moreci

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My name is Jenna. I write books. I also make videos of writing books. I'm super interesting.

2. The Creative Penn

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This channel is all about helping authors by sharing what I am learning on my own journey. I started writing and self-publishing in 2008 before the Kindle and ebooks took off. I made lots of mistakes and learned about marketing and the business of being an author along the way.

3. Katytastic

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Hi, my name is Kat! I own a ton of books, drink a lot of coffee, and spend more time online than off. You’ll get a lot of classic BookTube content here like book hauls, reviews, TBRs (To Be Reads), monthly wrap-ups, book talks, and the occasional book-related tag video. ​ If you watch Kat’s videos regularly, you’ll find a relatively wide range of genres.

4. Nerdwriter1

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The Nerdwriter is a weekly video essay series that puts ideas to work.

5. Vivien Reis

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I'm a young adult science fiction writer working on her debut novel. I live with my fiancé and two beautiful furbabies in Jacksonville. New writers videos are posted every Wednesday!

6. bookishpixie

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I'm Ava Jae. I write. I read. I edit. And then I talk about it all across the interwebs. Sky Pony Press published my debut YA Sci-Fi BEYOND THE RED, and the sequel, INTO THE BLACK, will be out this fall. If you like your YA SF of the extrasolar planet variety with aliens, monarchies, explosions, and kissing, you might like it.

7. Ellen Brock

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Need help with your novel? Have a question about writing great characters, plotting your novel, outlining, or finding your voice? My videos aim to answer common novel writing questions. I am a professional freelance editor with five years of experience. I have worked with about 150 writers per year as an editor, writing coach, and plot consultant. My clients are represented at a number of agencies, including The Unter Agency, Irene Goodman Literary Agency, and Upstart Crow Literary.

8. Just Write

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I’m obsessed with the question “How does someone become a great artist?” Many of my videos cover the fundamentals of storytelling, but they're not all about technique. Becoming a writer is so much more than learning how to write plot twists, so I want to encourage us to adopt a kind of "creative mindset" that will lead both of us toward artistic fulfillment. For me, that means being observational, critical, and self-reflective. It means engaging with the world as much as possible.

9. Robert McKee

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Robert McKee's Story Seminar is the ultimate screenwriting class for everyone from first-time writers to Oscar-winning writers. Portrayed in the Academy Award-winning film "Adaptation," McKee's former students have written Wall*E, Iron Man, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Lord of the Rings I-III, Hancock, A Beautiful Mind and more. They've won 28 Oscars and over 150 Emmys. Welcome to our official YouTube page where we hope to post some entertaining videos for you!

10. Chris Fox

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I'm the best selling author of 5,000 Words Per Hour, Write to Market, and numerous science fiction, fantasy, and thriller novels. Every Friday I release a video for authors discussing marketing, craft, and the business of publishing.

11. Kiera Cass

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I'm Kiera, the New York Times bestselling author of THE SELECTION and THE PRINCE. My sequel, THE ELITE, arrives April 23rd, 2013! Check out my videos to learn about publishing, see my kids do cute things, and enjoy the sight of a slightly Puerto Rican girl ramble on about cake and One Direction.

12. Kim Chance

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Chance teaches high school English and journalism and decided to show her students how awesome reading and writing can be by getting her own work published.