Are you a whiskey lover? Do you enjoy whiskey or simply want to educate yourself about this particular spirit? If yes, then do tune into these top 12 YouTube channels where you can get free whiskey education and remain in high spirits. Things like – the difference between scotch and bourbon, various types of whiskeys, how to compare them, and ways to drink them; these channels cover them all. Meet whiskey experts from around the world, tour through famous distilleries; learn interesting cocktail recipes, and much more. Here they are.

1. ralfydotcom

106,296 subscribers
If you want detailed and thorough reviews of different whiskeys from all around the globe, then do check out the reviews compiled by an eccentric Scotsman – Ralfy. Not just reviews, being an old malt-fan he also talks about ways to drink whiskey and get the most out of its flavors and smells. That’s right! It’s not just wine-drinking that needs learning. Apparently there’s a learning curve to drinking and enjoying whiskies as well.

2. Whisky.com

32,139 subscribers
Horst Luening does more than just review malts and scotches that range from Glen Elgin 18 years old to Glenrothes Vintage 1978. His videos mostly feature tasting sessions occasionally with his son. Together they talk about the brand and as an added bonus also share the story behind how they got their hands on the bottle. They also give background knowledge of how that particular spirit is prepared. So, that kind of adds a personal touch to their videos. Some of the content on Whiskey.com also features live tasting and tours of the famous distilleries.

3. Whiskey Vault

93,878 subscribers
‘’Whisk(e)y and Shenanigans... Not necessarily in that order.’’ This is the tagline of ‘Whiskey Vault’ and pretty much gives it all always as to what to expect from this channel. Whiskey Vault is run by Rex and Daniel and the one thing that sets them apart from other Whiskey channels is their quirks, asshatery, and shenanigans. The duo creates a perfect blend of humor, liquor education, and whiskey reviews of all kinds and flavors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore whiskey lover or someone who’s just getting started; Whiskey Vault is a place for everyone.

4. LiquorHound

15,349 subscribers
Chris aka LiquorHound has been collecting whiskies since 1993. As of 2018 that count was about 2,400. He is an expert of Spirits who has also been certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council of Mexico. Some people collect art – Chris collects whiskies. In terms of style and presentation – the videos are pretty straightforward and to-the-point. They are mostly shot in his own bar.
Awesome Cocktail Recipes from the Bonneville Tavern in East London.

6. It's Bourbon Night

9,930 subscribers
Wondering what constitutes as a perfect gift for a bourbon lover? Or how to make a Kentucky Thanksgiving cocktail with whiskey? Check out ‘It’s a Bourbon Night’ featuring Chad and Sara. Together they upload videos in their ‘Flight Fight’ series which talk about a range of whiskey related stuff. The format of their videos is pretty much like a television show. The two strike a perfect balance of humor, puns, and education. It’s not a one-dimensional channel that only talks about spirits. Their videos are conversational and dynamic in nature and style.

7. The Whiskey Dic

12,540 subscribers
The Whiskey Dic is a channel that features a blend of reviews and educational videos. It’s managed and run by Bill who reviews and tastes everything from Irish, Scotch, Bourbon, Japanese, to Rye. Bill talks about littlest of things like whether you should add water or ice to your whiskey, whether or not you should decant the bottle, and so on. You will also get answers to questions like what to look for when tasting and nosing. As a bonus, Bill also uploads live drinking videos.

8. Whiskey Blooded

5,243 subscribers
Dave, the owner of the channel, does pretty thorough and in-depth reviews of the spirits he tastes. He even goes into small details such as describing the glass from which he drinks. Every once in a while he also shares cocktail recipes and comparison videos. The format and presentation is pretty plain and simple with not a lot of editing done. He has been making whiskey review videos for almost 2 years now so you can expect a lot of good content on Whiskey Blooded.

9. Bourbon Brothers

2,438 subscribers
It’s been 4 years since the duo – Jeff and Gaven started making whiskey and bourbon videos and they are pretty exceptional. The presenters are brothers-in-law and a typical title of their video looks like ‘Review No. 137, Pikesville Supreme’, ‘Review no. 144 Minor cases vs. Ezra.’ The duo acts like a wine connoisseur; except they don’t do wine tasting. They do whiskey tasting. It’s amazing how they are able to tell the subtle flavors and undertones, real experts.
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11. Scotch Test Dummies

6,830 subscribers
Bart and Scott first tasted Scotch back in 2007 and haven’t looked back ever since. The two together run and manage ‘Scotch Test Dummies’ channel on YouTube. Their comedic banter while reviewing the spirits makes their videos both informative and entertaining at the same time. The videos are pretty lengthy. Sure you can find 3-minute videos too but the live ones are sometimes 2 hours long. However, their comic sense won't let you feel bored.

12. whiskybitch

8,018 subscribers
While some assholes are busy thinking that whiskey is a guy drink, Amy Douglas – the presenter and channel manager is out doing reviews and tasting sessions. From her videos it might look like she’s drunk (and she probably is in some of them), but you can tell just how free-spirited and full of confidence she is. The channel name says it all. And, she knows what she’s doing! Her videos are anything but bland.