So many men and women around the globe are in love with weapons or at least like them a lot. The videos on Weapons Channels is your chance to hear from true fans and real experts. From detailed and informative reviews on Weapons Channels, you will learn everything about firearms: rifles, pistols and guns; about manufacturers, and about the cold weapon. Meet the man who makes unique swords and knives, and find out why some people are so passionate about collecting old muskets and revolvers.

1. Iraqveteran8888

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We are a unique gun channel that covers a wide variety of subjects. Your source for shooting, gunsmithing, handloading, and gun tests, as well as science experiments, gun torture tests, and other interesting hijinks. I have great relationships with the companies listed below.

2. hickok45

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WELCOME to HICKOK45! You're at a drama-free, "family-friendly" shooting channel! Please see the short FAQ Videos before asking questions. My son and I do shooting videos of all sorts: Occasionally, a silly shooting video might pop up; sorry if you're "sense-of-humor challenged." Life is short. "Hickok45" is a registered trademark, Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and our videos are copyright protected.

3. FullMag

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Weekly dose of adrenaline.

4. DemolitionRanch

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5. JoergSprave

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This channel is all about launchers. Most of them are powered by rubber, a fascinating material that converts muscle energy into kinetic energy! But we also present bladed weapons and launchers powered by other energy sources. Inventions, reviews, stunts and destruction - if that is what you want, you came to the right place for sure!

6. FPSRussia

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7. michaelcthulhu

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I make Giant Swords. I sell them to people. People like you.

8. nutnfancy

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Nutnfancy is one of the most trusted gear reviewers in the world. He is a retired Lt Col USAF Pilot with 21 yrs of service. He was an originator of the video gear review & his focus since 2006 has been on tactical and outdoor gear systems. Nutnfancy reviews have become reference points for both manufacturers and consumers alike and have helped perfect and establish many products.​

9. Military Arms Channel

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Military style small arms are an important part of our culture and freedom. We celebrate military history and our 2nd Amendment rights here at MAC by bringing you to the range to shoot with us via a camera. Join us on the range!

10. sootch00

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FUN GUN REVIEWS & SENSIBLE SURVIVAL Rugged Individualism, Independent Thinking, & Self Reliance. "To form a combination for mutual defense against a probable aggressor is not only not a crime, but the highest moral duty and virtue." Winston Churchill quoted from "Blood Sweat and Tears" 1938 speech to Parliament

11. Colion Noir

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I am an Attorney and Owner of N.O.I.R. Inc. A production company dedicated to the Modern Firearms Industry and Lifestyle. I'm an NRA News Commentator, 2nd Amendment Advocate, Reviewer of All things Gun, an Urban (City) Gun Enthusiast and One of Many who Personify the The Pew Pew Lifestyle. Most People just Call me COLION NOIR.

12. Forgotten Weapons

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At Forgotten Weapons, I think the most interesting guns out there are the most obscure ones. I try to search out experimental and prototype weapons and show you how they work, in addition to more conventional guns that you may not have heard of before. You're much more likely to find a video on the Cei Rigotti or Webley-Fosbery here than an AR or Glock. So, do you want to learn something new today? Then stick around!