If you believe vinyl is something from the past and no one is interested in it these days, well, you’re wrong. Really, really wrong. Vinyl is experiencing a renaissance and is becoming more and more popular among young music fans who like analog sound. If you are one of them, check you the Best YouTube Vinyl Channels! You will find interesting reviews of music albums and singles from the 50s, see huge collections of records and modern Hi-End players, equalizers and amplifiers, interviews with vinyl experts. Dive into the exciting world of vinyl and enjoy the music on Best YouTube Vinyl Channels!

1. Vinyl Rewind

29,990 subscribers
Vinyl Rewind is your home for vinyl related content on YouTube. Each week, new uploads feature vinyl-based music reviews, artist interviews, contests, cocktails and collecting tips, for both the novice and expert collectors. Vinyl Rewind is dedicated to preserving an analog lifestyle in the digital age. Watch-Listen-Learn

2. Vinyl Eyezz

105,101 subscribers
We chat about Record Players, Cassettes, CDs, Speakers, Headphones, Bands, Albums, and TONS of other interesting MUSIC and SOUND related things! If you LOVE Music, You've found the right place!

3. Channel 33 RPM

12,180 subscribers
The No. 1 channel for #vinyl, gear and more, with a new episode every Sunday. Helping you to improve your analog listening experience, and pick up a few new records along the way.

4. HiViNyws channel

13,290 subscribers
Hi-Fi Vinyl video, reviews, unboxing.

5. Slayd5000

192,023 subscribers
A li'l bit of everything goin' on here., bits & pieces of my collection ranging from the 50s to the 80s & beyond.

6. MeanMrMayo

5,910 subscribers
My first musical passion is The Beatles (both Group and Solo). But I also collect and listen to many other artists of various genres and decades. Also enjoy older movies, especially Horror.

7. Too Many Records

14,205 subscribers
This is a channel for a vinyl lover, for vinyl lovers. I aim to nerd out about all things music for your entertainment.

8. theneedledrop

1,443,135 subscribers
Hi, everyone! Anthony Fantano here! Basically, this channel is passionately dedicated to reviewing music. If you choose my site, you can expect to see daily reviews on the latest in rock, pop, electronic, metal, hip-hop, and experimental music. We're not always going to agree, but that's OK. I still love you.

9. dereckvon

16,277 subscribers
Videos I either appear in or created.

10. Darren Lock

16,456 subscribers
My name is Darren and I like to make music. I also enjoy listening to music and have opinions on everything. I have a web series called "Prog Review" in which I talk about classic and new progressive rock albums. I also unbox the latest progressive rock box sets. But there's also technology talk, film reviews and all manner of other nonsense too.

11. mrhoffame

5,390 subscribers
All about the music,

12. seqouiaflame

1,692 subscribers
Vinyl reviews.