The fashion of the last century has become very popular and relevant today and not only in clothing and style but also in music, interior, culture and even sports. The authors of the videos on Best YouTube Vintage channels, enthusiastic fans of vintage things, will tell and show you how to recreate last century’s style in clothes, hair, and makeup; famous bodybuilders will taкe you back in time to the era of bodybuilding classics, demoing the techniques and approaches folks like Arnold Schwarzenegger used. Get inspired by fashion shows, clips and music from 50 or so years ago on Best YouTube Vintage Channels.

1. PostmodernJukebox

3,438,637 subscribers
Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox: Today's hits, yesterday. For live concert tickets, music downloads, merch, and instant updates, check out Postmodern Jukebox's links below!

2. glamourdaze

196,623 subscribers
Founded in 2008. Vintage Fashion Film Archive from [ 1920's to the 1960's.] For educational use and the preservation of the fashion eras of the 20th century. All footage and music prior to 1923 covered by the following Public Domain definitions:

3. Vintage Fashions

52,054 subscribers
Vintage Fashions - a dedicated fashion channel from British Pathé, on which we share vintage beauty shows, fabulous catwalk coverage, retro women's lifestyle clips and other glamorous treats. Indulge!

4. Vintagious

117,713 subscribers
I love to style my hair into many vintage hairstyles. I'm busy though, just like you. The styles I choose have to be quick, simple and EASY. I can't say what my favorite era is. One day I'll be a pin-up girl with a cute retro style. The next day I'll be all about Downton Abbey with a chic and elegant Edwardian style. It changes day by day. Hey, who cares? It's only hair! I really hope you enjoy my videos and that you learn a little from them, if not, thank you for watching anyway I hope they made you smile.

5. Normans Rare Guitars

230,172 subscribers
Check out Norman's Rare Guitars, a world knew vintage guitar store in Tarzana, California.

6. A Vintage Vanity

39,895 subscribers
One stop shop for all things vintage glamour! Hair tutorials (for both experts and beginners), DIY projects, vintage sewing, and vlogs that take you into my life as a geeky vintage gal! I'm in love with the aesthetics and romanticism of the past, though I have a modern mindset and I'm a self-professed Geek!

7. VintageGenetics

206,006 subscribers
Vintage Genetics stands for everything the golden era of bodybuilding was about. Proportions, symmetry and overall body composition were of great importance when bodybuilding was in its golden days. Here at VG, we present you two bodybuilding brothers who both have the drive to be a true bodybuilder, a vintage bodybuilder. It's time to bring back the classic era that bodybuilding desperately needs again. Specific tips, knowledge, and experience regarding training, eating and competing will be shared but also backstage footage, classic posing routines and contest preparations will be shown on this channel.
This is my channel where I shoot video of some of my favorite things. I enjoy working on and restoring all kinds of vintage machinery - from woodworking machines, metal working machines, old farm equipment, steam engines, and steam locomotives. I spend a lot of my spare time volunteering at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture where I help to restore and keep their machinery up and running.

9. The Pinup Companion

76,957 subscribers
"Being normal is vastly overrated" Filmmaker | Storyteller | Illustrator | Cosplayer Lover of history, folk music, and hobbits. Be my friend!

10. vintageortacky

397,019 subscribers
I'm Cora Alvillar, a Makeup Artist, and Stylist based in the SF Bay Area. For years I've cultivated a reputation on Youtube for being a reliable source for the best beauty products, application techniques, and plus size personal style. Eccentric beauty is my passion and I've made it my life's work to celebrate beauty outside the box. What is the difference between Vintage or Tacky? Taste, and it's subjective, so forget impressing others! My Philosophy is that life is short, so buy the lipstick, wear the dress, dance the dance, and be vintage or tacky, just be your own kind of beautiful.

11. Lily Jarlsson

65,634 subscribers
In addition to topics such as retro & vintage styling, my channels contain information and tips on lifestyle, body positivity, history, countries, and cultures; as well as practical tips and creativity.

12. Vintage Swing Dance

10,898 subscribers
Hi My name is Bill Green and until very recently I had over 500 swing dance, tap dance and chorus numbers on my "BILL GREEN" YouTube channel. But unfortunately the copyright police forced me to take them down or I'd lose my entire channel. I've decided to try again this time focusing exclusively on vintage swing dance from the 1920's thru the 1950's in hopes of staying more under the radar. Most of my clips are taken from the best original source material currently available and I hope very much that all you swing dance lovers out there will enjoy them.