A great opportunity for those who love smoking but want it to be less harmful to their health. Join the huge community of vapers on Best YouTube Vaping Channels. From lovers of sweet steams and electronic cigarettes, you will learn about the types of vapers, about unique tubes and the latest gadgets, about cleaning tanks, cartridges, and liquids for vapes, as well as about the art of steaming and even vaping festivals and competitions.

1. RiP Trippers

1,126,417 subscribers
Smoking is dead, vaping is the future, the future is now!! Vaping fanatic, ecig reviews(mechanical mods, vv/vw devices, clearomizer tanks, RBAs, etc...), informative coil building tutorials for your rebuildable atomizers

2. IndoorSmokers

550,653 subscribers
Everything ecig related. Which ecig is the best is always the main point of topic, along with how they work and which company has the best customer service.

3. GrimmGreen

368,035 subscribers
I am all for Vaping, E-cigs and tobacco harm reduction I've personally been vaping for the last 8 years and It has been nothing but amazing for me I'm here to spread some good information about e-cigs and vaping with reviews, first impressions, tutorials, entertaining videos and my weekly VLOG.

4. VapingwithTwisted420

357,625 subscribers
As of this writing i have been cigarette free for a little over a month! I'm in love with this new hobby of vaping and plan to have fun and make some hopefully good vids! You will find helpful reviews and all kindsa testing stuff. The majority will just be me vaping and acting goofy.

5. Suck My Mod

207,970 subscribers
Hi Guys! I'm Matt, and the gorgeous girl next to me is my girlfriend Vanessa. I was a pack a day smoker for close to 15 years and had multiple failed quit attempts along the way. Vanessa has been a social smoker most of her adult life who would smoke when we went out, or when she was mad at me lol. We tried the Blu cig thing a year and a half ago, and that lasted about as long as the Blu's battery life. Toward the end of summer 2013, we were armed with ego batteries and Kanger tanks ready to make a life change. Well, it worked!

6. Pbusardo

137,184 subscribers
Honest, Raw, & Fun Vaping Reviews

7. Mike Vapes

209,849 subscribers
Hi. My name is Mike and I quit the icky sticks after 24 years and vaping has saved my life. Enjoy some of my e-liquid and honest electronic vaping reviews.

8. Tia Vapes

152,049 subscribers
Hello internet friends! I started this channel (TiaVapes) as a way to share my personal vaping journey after using the MVP2.0 to completely quit smoking! I would like to consider this more of a QVC for vaping, a vape shopping channel, if you will & not so much a review channel because more & more I have discovered that EVERYONE has their own opinion on what is the best e-liquid or device. So instead of telling you what device you should be using or what e-liquid you should be vaping on I want this to be a place of total variety where smokers or vapers can come to see what devices are out there & how they work as well as what e-liquid is out there & what my take on the flavor is.

9. Vape Capitol

126,083 subscribers
Vape Capitol was created in 2014 to tell the stories of the Vaping Industry, and those behind it. How many times have you seen a Cloud Blower, a Trickster, a Mod or an Atty and wanted to know MORE!? Vape Capitol is here to tell the stories of those who live the vaping lifestyle. We are dedicated to bringing you the media that you deserve and want to see, including the best Vape Shop Spotlights, Leaders and Innovators of the Industry, Cloud Chasers, BuildLapses, Model Features and more.

10. Zophie Vapes

254,748 subscribers
Vape reviews, vlogs and lots of vaping.

11. Abby Vapes

113,203 subscribers
Hey Vapers, I'm Abby and welcome to my page. I've been vaping since May 2013 and YouTubing since March 2014. I make YouTube videos about vaping as a hobby. From reviewing e-juice to unboxing vaping gear to troubleshooting mods to vaping tricks and tips, I do it all. I'm located in Atlanta, GA and enjoy visiting local shops and meeting new vapers.

12. The Art of Vaping

100,528 subscribers
This channel is designed to help inform and showcase different aspects of "The Art of Vaping". With an emphasis on coil building!