How many unsolved mysteries and riddles the universe surrounding us has! Nearly 500 years after Galileo first watched the heavens through the telescope, we continue to search for answers to many questions: what are the origins of the universe? how many planets are actually in the Solar System? What are black holes? And many, many other questions. The authors of the videos under Best YouTube Universe Channels will probably be able to answer some questions you have and tell you about the most interesting facts about space and planets. You will learn about unusual celestial phenomena, new discoveries, reports and studies in this field. Learn more about the universe with Best YouTube Universe Channels!

1. secureteam10

1,588,140 subscribers
From its humble beginnings as a mere idea to the establishment of the channel we see today - Secureteam has become the information source to which millions of answer-seeking individuals have come. Secureteam10 is the #1 Youtube channel for breaking reports on the many mysteries of our universe, so stay tuned and prepare to discover the truth, one puzzle piece at a time!

2. SPACE & UNIVERSE (Official)

2,326,201 subscribers
We love Space. Do you? Explore the universe, the one out beyond our solar system & galaxy, the infinitesimal one inside of each of us - it is beyond fascinating. Join our international conversation.

3. thirdphaseofmoon

546,172 subscribers
Thirdphaseomfoon Rated Top Best UFO and Paranormal Video On YOUTUBE! Our goal is simple: To bring unfiltered video, messages & research in the field of ufology directly to the public! We Let you the Public Decide, and Participate in Sharing Your Incredible UFO Videos To The World!


482,855 subscribers
Rated TOP, BEST UFO, CONSPIRACY, PARANORMAL YouTube Channel. UFOTV®, Accept no Imitations! Now showing a fantastic selection of legendary full-length feature films authorized for viewing by UFOTV®.

5. SpaceRip

592,364 subscribers
The BEST space and astronomy videos on the web. Watch stars explode and space-time rip at the seams in breaking stories about the universe.

6. DeepSkyVideos

216,879 subscribers
Exploring deep space - one video at a time. Including videos about the famous Messier Catalogue and access to world-class telescopes.

7. Anton Petrov

160,593 subscribers
My name is Anton. I explain math/science concepts using video games. I am a high school science/math/design teacher and did research on educational benefits of video games. I play sandbox games like Kerbal Space Program, Universe Sandbox 2, Space Engine, Minecraft, Space Engineers, Elite Dangerous and sometimes Eve Online. All of the videos are meant to be informative and will teach you fun facts about random stuff you probably didn't know. I also do videos about math concepts and specifically investment and coding tutorials.

8. Hubble Space Telescope

115,160 subscribers
Nearly 400 years after Galileo first observed the heavens through a telescope, we continue to seek answers to age-old questions about the universe. And while the technology has evolved over the centuries, the inquiry remains essentially the same: What's out there, where did it come from, and what does it mean? At the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), we're working hard to study and explain the once-unimaginable celestial phenomena now made visible using Hubble's cutting-edge technology. In the course of this exploration, we will continue to share with you the grace and beauty of the universe because the discoveries belong to all of us.

9. David Butler

47,604 subscribers
It is a video book of Hubble and other Space and ground-based Telescope pictures together with an illustrated explanation of how we know how far away these objects are - from your backyard to the most distant galaxies. See how: Triangulation can take us across the globe. Parallax can take us across the solar system. Standard candles can take us across the Milky Way. Red-shift can take us across the universe. The video book contains three chapters: The Solar System; The Milky Way; and Galaxies.

10. TheVendor101

114,111 subscribers
Watch all the best subjects of ancient discoveries, mysterious happenings, the weird and wonderful, things you didn't know and much more! I want this channel to not only be entertaining but for us to learn interesting stuff along the way. I have always been interested in ancient archaeology, exploring, Science, different cultures and all sorts of topics that make me go"Wow". Come with me and subscribe to the Vendor101 for regular video uploads.

11. Finding UFO

67,874 subscribers
This channel provides a collection of Daily Exclusive UFO Sightings, Breaking UFO News, UFO & Alien Abduction Incidents, Area 51 and Disclosure videos, mostly submitted by people from around the World! Stay tuned and prepare to discover the truth of the many mysteries of our universe!

12. Ufomania 2015

66,282 subscribers
Video about unusual phenomena and talk about the fact that we are not alone in this universe.