In the era of high tech, e-books, and drones, trucks are still a real thing and they play a very important role in the world of transportation along with huge trailers and their drivers, of course. Listen to these drivers’ stories, watch the videos they make with their dash cameras, and find out why they love their job on Best YouTube Trucks Channels. You will learn everything about the new generation of heavy cars, get reviews of the best-selling trucks, get answers to many questions about trucks. All things trucks here on Best YouTube Channels.

1. Truck Channel HD

26,324 subscribers
RiiChArDW Truck Channel HD. For all your Truck videos! Welcome to my YouTube Truck Channel HD. On this channel, you see some videos what I have taken and I hope you enjoy this videos. Watch the videos always in HD. And.. be always stay up to date with my newest videos!

2. twentytrucks

276,091 subscribers
The Twenty Trucks and Truck Tunes videos were inspired by my own kids' love for trucks.

3. The Fast Lane Truck

441,886 subscribers
All Trucks All The Time! Welcome to the Fast Lane Truck, TFLcar's latest all truck Channel. Uploading consistently, The Fast Lane Truck features everything from towing tests to off-road reviews of America's Best Selling Vehicles.

4. Allie Knight

69,191 subscribers
We answer a couple questions and comments in this channel about generator noise and the refrigerator, trucks, tests, etc.

5. BIGtruck online magazine

18,702 subscribers
Presentation new heavy transport trucks of the new generation.

6. The Truck Driver Guy

36,192 subscribers
Demyan here, The Truck Driver Guy. Trucking Industry was introduced to me in 2011 and I'm loving it. Yes, we have a way to many industry regulations and issues, but we are still doing it. Trucking it's not an easy lifestyle.... a lot of lonely nights, your children grow without you, you gain weight because of a not very active profession, you are always risking your life because 80,000 pounds at 70 MPH is NOT a joke....Trucking is not for everyone. Truckers work extremely hard but have very little respect, very sad. Trucking is an extremely stressful career as well.

7. The Jade And John

33,388 subscribers
The channel about the life of the trucker of the United States, my everyday life, holidays. Answers to your questions.

8. TheLittleGuyShow

43,634 subscribers
Hey, guys welcome to my channel. Where we talk about trucking and lots of other fun crazy stuff

9. Mr.Sinnizter DaTrucker

17,451 subscribers
Welcome Everybody to my channel my name is Mr.Sinnizter DaTrucker I'm from Bronx, New York and I always wanted to be a Truck Driver and Now I want to share my life on the road as an Over The Road Truck Driver so here on my channel I will be Educating people about entering the trucking industry and how to go about being successful in the trucking business.You will also find on my channel videos of my motivational video and educate others on goal setting and lessons on what it takes to become successful in life.
Welcome to "Trucking with LoShawn Parks". On this channel, you will experience MY journey through trucking.

11. trucker Brown

34,760 subscribers
This channel brings you the trucking industry in a whole new way Interviews, live feeds.

12. Trucker Josh VLOGS

76,161 subscribers
Trucker, Youtube, and Creepy Neighbour. Traveling all Canada and USA creating DAILY VLOGS!