Want to spend your next vacation in Europe but do not know where to go? Here on Best YouTube Europe Channels, you can find travel ideas, that will help you decide where to go first depending on your interests, budget, and the length of your break from work. Everything from the most popular and well-known destinations across the European continent to places you have never heard about. You will take a walk in diverse, luxurious and musical Vienna; visit the city of love, Paris; admire one of the largest cities in Europe Prague with all its fascinating bridges, cathedrals, gilt towers and cobbled streets; take a gondola ride in beautiful Venice; and enjoy unbelievable and breathtaking Gaudí’s masterpieces in Barcelona. All these and many more marvelous places Europe has to offer, here on Best YouTube Europe Channels.

1. FunForLouis

2,010,879 subscribers
My name is Louis Cole. I make a Daily Vlog of my life! I enjoy traveling the world with friends, having fun and inspiring others!

2. VagaBrothers

645,595 subscribers
We're Alex and Marko. We LIVE to TRAVEL. Our journey of CULTURAL and CULINARY DISCOVERY takes us to some of the most INTERESTING PLACES in the WORLD. Want to come with? Stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you on the road!

3. Expedia

474,187 subscribers
Welcome to the Expedia YouTube Channel where you’ll find inspiring travel guides and tips to destinations across the globe. We’ll be traveling around the world to help you find and plan the ultimate adventure.

4. soniastravels

191,822 subscribers
Traveling is about an attitude, not about a checklist. Each city has its own vibe, pace, and energy. Come along with me as I show you the little nooks and corners that have made my trips special for me. And because every traveler needs to be prepared, I bestow on to you the tips and tricks I have gathered over the years about everything you need when traveling: packing, apps, tipping, chargers, language, you name it. Come aboard!

5. Samuel and Audrey

152,769 subscribers
Welcome to the video about traveling and food from Samuel and Audrey! We are bloggers-travelers, keen on local cuisine and traveling around the world! our travel channel you will find a combination of city guides, travel tips, street food reviews, video travel blogs and food stories about the places we visit. We create travel guides, marking the best places that are worth visiting, and local food that is worth trying, and also suggesting that you can save money while traveling.

6. Mike Corey

72,650 subscribers
Welcome to Kick the Grind. A Youtube travel channel created to showcase the most amazing things on our planet. My name is Mike Corey, and I'm a videographer and photographer who found his path through travel. I'll be posting a new video on my channel every Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing you there!

7. Wolters World

374,818 subscribers
Travel, Languages & Life Abroad. Tired of Hearing that Town X is the Next Prague? Or the Paris of The NorthSouthEastWest? At Wolters World We Are Too, So We Give You Honest To Goodness Travel Advice on What You Will Love & Hate About Traveling to Different Countries & Towns. And Maybe Learn a Bit About New Cultures & Languages. Please Join Us On The Trip!

8. Ruben y El Mundo

27,122 subscribers
Hello! Ruben Alonso a travel documentary filmmaker. In this channel every week I put new travel stories filmed in countries around the world where you will meet the highlights of each place and also I hope you have fun with my personal vision of things. I hope you enjoy traveling with me!

9. Erik Conover

360,316 subscribers
My name is Erik Conover and this is a video journal of my life in New York City and travel adventures to some of the most incredible places around the World! New videos every week!

10. Captain and Clark

5,251 subscribers
Who are Captain and Clark? Captain and Clark, also known as Chris Staudinger and Tawny Clark, are a married couple who decided to create life on their own terms. Together they have been traveling the world full-time, creating videos and written content for major online publications. They do it all with energetic and positive attitudes and a quirky sense of humor.

11. BrynnsAdventures

7,693 subscribers
Creating to inspire.

12. Visit Europe

1,402 subscribers
Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Visit Europe– the European Travel Commission tourism. If you want to discover European cultural heritage, architecture, gastronomy and stunning landscapes, subscribe to our channel and start your never-ending journey to the number one tourism destination: Europe!