Africa. A remote and mysterious continent that attracts scientists, researchers, and travelers. Just like centuries ago, today, the African continent is full of mysteries. Discover the unknown Africa in the Africa category on Best YouTube Channels. Videos about the way of life and culture of African people, African cuisine, traveling to the cities of South Africa or Nigeria, documentaries and short clips about the amazing and rich wildlife, climate in Africa and many other things. Get to know Africa!

1. Explore Africa

29,727 subscribers
Experience Africa's natural beauty with live cams. The finest live cams in HD from the MPALA reserve in Kenya, Africa. Our channel is the largest live nature cam network on the planet. We bring nature to you, raw, unscripted, and unedited. Enjoy the natural world as it unfolds in real time in front of our cameras. EXPLORE Africa takes you from Kenya, Africa to the riverbanks of Katmai, Alaska and everywhere in between.
Quality wildlife videos from South Africa's Greater Kruger Park. Amazing sightings are part of everyday life! Real Animals, Real Situations, Real Africa The latest wildlife sightings feature animals seen on safaris such as lions, leopards, elephants, giraffe, buffalo, zebra, cheetah, wild dogs, hyena and many more African animals. Unique footage of African wildlife is showcased, cute baby wildlife, wildlife mating, predators killing to survive, animals living their natural lives

3. NdaniTV

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Ndani TV is an online television platform celebrating and showcasing the best of African art, fashion, film, business, sports and much more.

4. Africa Travel Channel

27,093 subscribers
Africa Travel Channel showcases Africa to prospective tourists and investors. Places to stay, things to do and investment opportunities in property and infrastructure, all form part of the extensive range of video clips we produce. We strive to keep our viewers out there informed and entertained.

5. Photos of Africa VR Safari

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Over 4000 Video clips and Documentary Films on YOUTUBE. Photos of Africa channel welcomes you to our FREE ONLINE television production. South Africa Travel Channel, Free Internet Documentary Films, and Short Clips - Wildlife - Travel - Wellness - Activities - Accommodation - Safaris. I provide services as a fixer, wildlife and locations consultant, stills photographer and cameraman. Passionate about Filming Tourism and Wildlife Destinations - driven by the need to help build on conserving what is left in Africa.

6. AfroFoodTV

18,889 subscribers
Watch as chef and hostess, Yeti Ezeanii, takes you on a journey of everything Epicurious African. Learn popular recipes from different African countries and regions and get educated on the proper preparation of African cuisine. New episodes every Friday.

7. Kadirecipes

25,730 subscribers
I cook and Eat African Foods. In my channel, you will find simple, delicious and easy to follow African Food Recipes.You will find the cuisine from almost all African countries. So join me on my channel and find out more about African foods.

8. myVideoMedia

9,470 subscribers
With our videos we would like to contribute to the understanding of new cultures, familiarizing you with different ways of life. Enjoy travel videos of our in-house production. All the best Günther Ettlinger & Ursula Streit.

9. Africa Adventures

400,461 subscribers
Beautiful wildlife footage available in MXF Format.

10. My South Africa

28,846 subscribers
Beautiful People of South Africa. The most beautiful country in the world...

11. Maasai mara Sightings

119,951 subscribers
We bring the latest wildlife sightings from around the world, You can send us your AMAZING wildlife sightings to our Gmail account for a chance to be featured on the channel.

12. Fangs And Talons

108,230 subscribers
Predator and prey evolve together. The prey is part of the predator's environment, and the predator dies if it does not get food, so it evolves whatever is necessary in order to eat the prey: speed, stealth, camouflage (to hide while approaching the prey), a good sense of smell, sight, or hearing (to find the prey), immunity to the prey's poison, poison (to kill the prey) the right kind of mouth parts or digestive system, etc. I like to show prey-predator relations in nature and city setup.