Tips on YouTube
Do you have interesting topics to talk about or are you a business owner and would like to actively promote it on YouTube and increase brand awareness? Ask the best experts and consultants on Best Tips on YouTube Channels. From the videos here you will learn how to create and post videos on YouTube and make your channel popular, how to get millions of subscribers in different social networks, how to plan and execute marketing campaigns to increase your revenue and what technologies and tools to use.

1. Derral Eves

497,180 subscribers
Derral Eves is a YouTube and Video marketing consultant with a large amount of his background in social media, mobile, and video marketing. Through his education and experience, Derral has become an expert in marketing and some of his highlights include; specializing in converting traffic into dollars, making video views into money, turning website visitors into clients and with this expertise he uses creative ways of finding and maintaining customers through video strategies. Derral Eves successfully completed exclusive training and passing the YouTube Certified exam in Audience Growth.

2. Video Creators

388,843 subscribers
You have a message worth spreading on YouTube; I want to help your message reach the people who need to hear it. We discuss how to leverage YouTube as a social media platform and use it to build an audience that cares about your message. Together we explore changes happening to YouTube, what it means for us as online video creators, how to optimize your videos for audience development, engagement, sharing, and train you to master the YouTube platform for your message.

3. YouTube Help

6,569,188 subscribers
Tutorials, troubleshooting, and tips from the YouTube Help team! Check out the links below for more help.

4. Deadbeat Super Affiliate

148,785 subscribers
Learn all kinds of lazy but effective affiliate marketing/internet marketing tactics that REALLY work. These are tried and proven methods that I've learned over 10 years of during "Deadbeat" online marketing!

5. Brian G Johnson TV

37,465 subscribers
Don't just share your videos on YouTube, AMPLIFY them! Hey welcome, Brian G here. If you'd like to drive more video views, get more subscribers and build an audience, then check out my channel for detailed YouTube tips and tricks in 2017 and beyond. Whether your message is about a product or service, a book that you’ve written, art that you’ve created or a movement that you’re passionate about. Stake your claim and discover innovative video marketing strategies today!

6. Swerve Designs

166,492 subscribers
Hi, I'm Swerve a freelance graphic designer and welcome to my channel! If you are interested in Graphic design or Motion graphics and you want to learn how to; Illustrate, Brand or animate, then you are in the right place. I will be showing you how to use leading software's such as; Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects to create Logo designs, Flat design, animations, speed arts and so much more. So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

7. Nick Nimmin

202,390 subscribers
Nick Nimmin shares YouTube tips, video tips, YouTube video ideas and more to help you grow your YouTube channel by gaining subscribers and getting more views.

8. Video Influencers

287,552 subscribers
Benji Travis (BenjimanTV) and Sean Cannell (seanTHiNKs) Interview Top YouTubers, Video Creators, and Business Owners that are CRUSHING IT with Video. Learn their secrets, mindset, tips and best advice. Real talk with Real Video Influencers.

9. Social Blade

151,586 subscribers
Social Blade strives to help as many people as possible providing free stats for all YouTubers as well as a way for YouTubers of all sizes to become a partner.

10. *Owen Video

36,565 subscribers
Hi! I'm Owen Video, founder of BizTube Academy - the only YouTube Marketing Course made for business owners. You'll learn how to properly plan, produce, and promote a professional video marketing campaign that generates revenue.

11. TubeBuddy

157,506 subscribers
TubeBuddy is a browser extension which adds a layer of amazing functionality right on top of YouTube's website. We recognize the endless frustrations that people face every day on YouTube's website. Our Mission is to make you and the rest of the YouTube Community a happier and more productive bunch.

12. Think Media

535,196 subscribers
Thanks for checking out THiNK Media TV. My name is Sean Cannell and I'm committed to helping you go further faster in media! On this YouTube channel, you will find weekly tech, video gear, lighting, and audio gear reviews and tutorials. My passion is to help you find and master the tools for creating online content like YouTube videos, podcasts, photos, and more.