Just like in China, people in Thailand are really into television programs and channels on YouTube. However, video bloggers here also gain millions of views and subscribers, especially those focusing on gaming and entertainment. The most popular gaming channel in Thailand is called zbing z, whose author is a nice young girl, and the funniest one featuring sketches is Bie The Ska. Many of the videos on these channels have subtitles, and of course, there are things you’ll understand without translation.

1. Ch3Thailand

9,256,199 subscribers
YouTube Official of Thai TV Channel 3 Keep track of Channel 3's activity. More at

2. WorkpointOfficial

14,908,430 subscribers
Workpoint Official 24-hour Entertainment Station Another channel for Workpoint fans. You can see the items back. And follow all the entertainment activities from the Playlist we gathered here.
Teachers of Thai language who have the idea to make fun clips to educate children to create a good. The clip of the teacher is a small song. Experimental clips Can be used as a teaching medium to educate children.


2,435,659 subscribers
AMARIN TV HD is the 34th digital television channel from Amarin Television Co., Ltd., offering entertainment, variety, lifestyle and news from the station. And professional manufacturers. It focuses on creating creative happiness through the presentation in various aspects of the show. This will allow you to "fill your imagination" fully with the concept of Amarin TV HD.

5. zbing z.

5,924,946 subscribers
Game Caster Female No. 1 in Thailand, Kats pretty cute Kiken.

6. thairath

2,894,695 subscribers
News channel in HD quality. All the relevant news here. Be aware of all the events here.

7. Beam Copphone

588,857 subscribers
New video every day. Our duty is to entertain. I'm not sure what to say. Thanks for watching. Do not forget to press the track and press the bell.
"You know, my friends are smiling. I have a happy childhood ^^ " New Clip !!! Come on Tuesdays and Fridays. Follow up to support us. And do not miss new clips. If you find a video for fun, relax, you've come to the right place. Here are the parody clips. I do not know what to do.
Exciting culinary travel author of this YouTube channel will not leave indifferent fans of exotic cuisine. You will not only become a participant of adventures, but also learn unique recipes of Thai cuisine.
Rules of Karma and Folk Tales Lecture by the top radio host of Rayong.

11. MasterChef Thailand

834,341 subscribers
MasterChef Thailand is ready to prove the ordinary people. The love of cooking is not unusual.

12. Jamezabang J-Z-B

1,582,222 subscribers
Meet independent freelancers, gamers, and movie news updates.