Millions if not billions of people drink tea regularly, but what do you know about this ancient beverage people have been growing and drinking for centuries? How people grow tea plants and how they harvest tea in different parts of the world? How many types of tea exist and what is the right type for you? To find out all this and much more, watch the videos on Tea Channels. Informative videos with reviews of various types of tea, videos about Japanese tea ceremony with interesting historical facts, reviews of modern tea accessories, brewing and steeping advice.

1. Mei Leaf

31,312 subscribers
Don and friends invite you to learn and love the most incredible leaf. TEA! This channel is dedicated to spreading our passion and knowledge about tea and encourage everyone to become a tea connoisseur and lover. No tea bags, just the magic of the real leaf. We cover all types of tea from White tea, Green tea (and Matcha), Oolong tea, Black tea and Puerh (and other prost-fermented) tea.

2. T2tea

3,181 subscribers
All we do, all we are, revolves around our love for reimagining and reinventing the humble tea leaf. Discover videos on how to make the perfect cup of tea, find recipe inspiration and meet our tea heroes.

3. Tea DB

4,650 subscribers
All kind of tea reviews.

4. Crimson Lotus Tea

1,255 subscribers
We are a Seattle area tea business specializing in puerh tea and gongfu tea accessories. We source farm direct teas direct from Yunnan, China ourselves.

5. Green Tea Guru

1,507 subscribers
Welcome fellow tea drinkers! On this channel, we discuss many types of tea with a particular interest in Pu Erh! Reviews on many of the teas that we stock and general information on tea and tea culture is shared.

6. Tetley Green Tea

15,597 subscribers
The official Youtube Channel of Tetley Green Tea, India and your guide to a life of wellness. www.tetleygreentea.com A wholly owned enterprise of Tata Global Beverages, Tetley is one of the primary manufacturers of tea in the world. Catering to international needs of over 40 countries, Tetley, since its inception, has set the bar high with the quality and superior blends of its orthodox, green and flavor variant teas. Tetley Green Tea was introduced in 2007-2008 and has grown exponentially over the years to become a leader in the segment.

7. Yunnan Sourcing

2,859 subscribers
Welcome to Yunnan Sourcing's Youtube Channel! We are here to provide our loyal customers with informative videos and demonstrations of our products.

8. Wu De

1,728 subscribers
Global Tea Hut is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cultivating and expressing an awakening of harmony through tea.

9. Tea Drunk

878 subscribers
Tea is the wine of the East. Terroir is fundamentally important. Every tea season, founder Shunan Teng treks for three months through the backcountry of China to source our collection from 20+ historically famous tea mountains. Hailed by tea geeks around the world, Tea Drunk is a destination for those seeking exceptional tea and tea knowledge.