Learn how to build your own applications for iOS devices, dive into the exciting world of mobile development, even if you do not have enough experience, with many channels and videos under Swift! The authors of the videos, professional developers, will tell you everything about Swift programming language, recommend online tutorials and free textbooks to master Swift and XCode. Don’t wait, check it out today.

1. CodeWithChris

118,011 subscribers
Learn how to make an app with Swift and Xcode and how to turn your app idea into a reality! Follow along as I build and submit apps to the Apple App Store from start to finish!

2. Lets Build That App

110,478 subscribers
Here at LetsBuildThatApp, I'll do my best to teach you how to build working apps from the AppStore, i.e. We go beyond making simple blog and calculator apps to explore how professionals create million dollar projects.

3. Brian Advent

53,584 subscribers
Follow me around and learn iOS and macOS Development by examples.

4. GeekyLemon

21,815 subscribers
Do You Want To Create Your Own iPhone and iPad iOS 11 Apps but are not sure where to start or even begin? Are you ready to jump right into the exciting world of mobile development but have little or no programming experience? Then this is the perfect course for you!

5. Skip Wilson

31,899 subscribers
Skip Wilson will teach you how to write code.

6. Jared Davidson

57,709 subscribers
IOS Developer | How to Make Apps Jannah Fashions - "Mate you are the only YouTuber who helped me a lot with swift from complete newbie to a pro." Carlos Vega - "Umm IDK who you are BUT DANG you are phenomenal! THIS IS what I need to know." Timmy Sorenson - "I've been coding for a year now and I was lucky to find your channel. You have helped me come a long way and I've seen your channel grow and evolve in the last year! Keep up the great work!"

7. Duc Tran

25,330 subscribers
My first freelance project was to build an e-commerce site for my girlfriend and her partner's online business. At that time, I barely know how to build websites and apps. But I started anyway because all I wanted to do was help others.

8. Swift Language

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Videos about the Swift programming language by Apple.

9. Stanford iOS

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Stanford iOS 9 App Development by Paul Hegarty,

10. Mark Moeykens

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Free iOS, Xcode and Swift tutorials! How did they do that? How can I do that? What is this thing I always see but was too afraid to ask about? Send me a UI design and I'll find out how it was done and teach you everything in the simplest way possible.

11. The Swift Guy

30,619 subscribers
Hi, my name is Sebastian Henry aka The Swift Guy. On this channel, I put out tutorials and other types of videos that are relevant to the Swift programming language. If you are just starting out, or have been in the game for some time already, I have some videos for you that I believe you will benefit greatly from.

12. I CODE

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Hi There! So, you wanna learn to code?Well, you have made an awesome decision. I know you might have browsed many channels to find a perfect coding channel.Well, I would say this is the place to halt. "I CODE" uploads a coding video daily on various topics such as 1.Swift Programming 2.Hacking 3.Big Data 4.C++ 5.Python So, what are you waiting for?Subscribe to "I CODE" and make you coding easy every day with us.