Who are the Goths and Emos? Why do representatives of certain subcultures prefer black tones? What is gothic music and dancing? Learn about different subcultures’ lifestyle, makeup they use and, musical trends, fashion, preferences in literature and movies. All that and more on Best YouTube Subcultures Channels.

1. Drew Disaster

342,797 subscribers
Lover of all things creepy and cute!

2. TheGothicAlice

25,635 subscribers
Artist, Manic Panic diehard, horror junkie, cynic, and part-time model. I'm here to talk if you care to listen.

3. It's Black Friday

597,223 subscribers
Fashion and beauty for Darksided people ^^; ^^ plus vlogs, adventures, lifestyle, and fun.

4. Toxic Tears

320,587 subscribers
Kaya Lili - Just an odd girl living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. My channel has a little bit of everything - Beauty & Fashion, Vlogs & Lifestyle, Tutorials & DIY and more.

5. Caligo Bastet

32,380 subscribers
Welcome to my channel! Here you'll find a very large array of videos, mostly goth related - from makeup and fashion to vocal covers and discuss serious topics (sometimes accompanied by my beautiful boyfriend). Come join the Shadow Legion!

6. Drac Makens

136,038 subscribers
Hello lovely people! Are you someone who loves makeup and likes going outside the box with their looks? But have a hard time finding videos that aren't Halloween related? My name is Bianca (mainly known as DracMakens) and I love all things gothic and beauty related and I'm also a proud Latina. I created this channel to make makeup tutorials for those lovely people out there who, like me, like to have fun and be different with their appearance but have a hard time either finding tutorials, inspiration, etc. I also do makeup product reviews, tag videos, etc.

7. Hello Batty

53,053 subscribers
Vlogs, dance covers, rants, music videos, and randomness.

8. ReeRee Phillips

90,169 subscribers
Welcome to my channel! Here, you will find a multitude of videos, from Makeup tutorials to vlogs, and everything in between. I am a makeup artist, alternative model, mother and active in the goth community. Lover of all things dark and gloomy.

9. The_Goblin_Queen

59,267 subscribers
I won't accept a useless life, just because I was born into it. I will work and sacrifice to get where I need to be. Everything I look at I see as a canvas. I live for Art, It is the core of everything that is me, or makes up me. It is my escape from reality, and my tool to fight reality. I am a Bohemian... I have an unconventional lifestyle, I am often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, and we all like to be involved in music, art, or literary pursuits. I'm in a band named Esoterik. (Vocals) I also paint, draw, and sketch daily.

10. Johnnie Guilbert

941,848 subscribers
Lifestyle, songs, tattoos, makeup, video.

11. Eugenia Cooney

1,413,080 subscribers
hey, my name is Eugenia and I make random videos that you will hopefully enjoy! ^-^ I upload videos at least once a week and try to post on here as often as I can.

12. Hair Jordan

193,441 subscribers
I'm Hair Jordan. Thank you so much for checking out my channel!