Soccer (or should we say football?) is not just a game, it is way more than that. It's a way of life, a philosophy that unites people of all nations, religions, and cultures. And if this is your way of life and you are absolutely sure you can't live without it, this is the channel for you. Soccer on Best YouTube Channels is a place where you can watch the best games, enjoy highlights, check out the most beautiful goals ever scored, listen to tons of interviews with players and coaches.

1. Whistle FC

1,498,028 subscribers
A Whistle Sports community built on football culture and collaboration! We are Whistle FC...

2. rom7ooo

890,226 subscribers
Although a Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid specialist, room007 has expanded his subject matter and offers the best highlights of Europe's elite players. Presented in stunning quality, his videos often take the format of "top 20" lists or ultimate skills compilations for an individual player but feature increasingly creative and topical themes. For example, his collection of back heel goals from Cristiano Ronaldo.


39,963 subscribers
This one is primarily for Manchester United fans, as it has just over 30 videos of some classic and random games from the club’s most recent past. They all have digestible running times, too, and feature some memorable strikes and moments, especially from, you guessed it, Wayne Rooney. It’s also been regularly updated every week or so in the last few months, so hopefully, it will continue to put up new content in the future, too.​

4. COPA90

1,600,051 subscribers
At COPA90 we believe that football is the universal language. We’re here to entertain, inform and celebrate football and its fans. Whether it’s chats and challenges with your favorite footballers, in-depth documentaries about fan culture or amazing animations and explainers about the biggest stories in the game, COPA90 is how football feels.

5. Euro Football Daily

282,653 subscribers
Welcome to Euro Football Daily, the home of European football on YouTube! There are loads to come soon, so subscribe and keep your eyes peeled for Top 10s and a whole lot more!

6. SBFootball

130,055 subscribers
Welcome to my football channel Bienvenidos a mi canal de fútbol.

7. Football Daily

1,362,361 subscribers
Welcome to Football Daily, the home of football on YouTube - where you'll find: Winners & Losers, Viral Footy News, Football Face Off, Transfer Talks, Top 10s & loads more! Watch latest headlines, exclusive interviews and editorial features from the world of football.

8. The Football Republic

444,952 subscribers
Why so serious? The Football Republic is the place to come for a comical look at the biggest stories in football. Subscribe to TFR for your weekly dose of Every Premier League Fan in 90 Seconds, Top 10 Football F*ck Ups, The Roy Keane Show with 442oons and much much more!

9. WeSpeakFootball

1,032,458 subscribers
We Speak Football! Here You'll find amazing football videos! Goals, Tricks, FreeStyle ... etc

10. GugaTV

530,455 subscribers
Hi, I'm Guga! I make the greatest match highlights and videos about greatest players!

11. DaneDoSantos

142,736 subscribers
DaneDoSantos is a channel dedicated to bringing you the best of football.

12. Wrzzer

1,994,910 subscribers
The official Channel of Wrzzer Wrzzer is a youtube channel that provides football videos for everyone to enjoy. If you like my videos and channel, then please become a subscriber and feel free to leave a comment on my videos!