YouTube in Spain, like in some other European countries, has long been an alternative to television. We tried to present the most popular type of content in the country in the Best Spanish channels category. The most viewed and with the largest number of subscribers is the game channel VEGETTA777. This guy has 21 million subscribers. In Spain, comedy is a huge deal too, as well as educational and entertainment channels for children, beauty bloggers and reviews of new technologies. Enjoy and let us know what you think!


22,461,053 subscribers
It is a channel dedicated to video games directed by a boy lover of unicorns and who lives with a killer goblin in his room, if you subscribe you run the risk of falling into my madness, and not only I say so, also the woman who appears at night on the roof of my room!

2. Mejores Juguetes

7,767,183 subscribers
Welcome to my channel MejoresJuguetes, it is an entertainment channel for children of all ages and even for their parents. In this channel you will find many unboxing videos of toys with our favorite characters such as Peppa Pig Pig, Tatty Bruchita, Princess Sofia, Disney Princesses, Dora the Explorer, Surprise Eggs, Kinder Surprise, Pocoyo, Frozen and many more. You will also find videos of Cookies, Children's Magazines, Surprise envelopes, Princess Palaces, Children's Games, Dress and Paint Games, Educational Toys, Interactive Toys, Puzzles, and Crafts.

3. Zorman

1,376,630 subscribers
The Zorman channel could not miss this compilation of the best YouTube channels in Spanish. Norman Vivas, better known as Zorman, has created one of the channels with one of the highest rates of laughs per reproduction. His specialty is parody video clips in which he intends to imitate all kinds of urban tribes with an excellent touch of humor.

4. Las Ratitas

3,802,824 subscribers
LAS RATITAS are two sisters who always play and have a good time ... I'm sure you have a great time on this channel. We hope you like our adventures!

5. CaELiKe

13,928,148 subscribers
The youtuber Patricia Caeli presents her channel of videoblogs in which she gives us advice and allows us to take a look at her life, her experiences, her tastes, her ideas and some musical parodies of her own ... In short, a tremendously varied content, with A lot of humor and with a very personal touch.

6. Werevertumorro

15,720,671 subscribers
Werevertumorro is a comedy channel that began in 2007. Here you will find sketches, short films, video blogs, series and varied content to make you smile. Do not forget to subscribe so that the videos reach you before anyone else.

7. ¡Que el papeo te acompañe!

666,151 subscribers
Good cooking, humor and "freakiness". Is there a better combination of ingredients? In "Que el papeo acompañete" you will find this and more! Great recipes, easy to make and perfectly explained, very crazy culinary challenges - like mixing bread and nougat and creating a fried nougat ice cream - and an extra dose of humor!

8. Nekojitablog

1,800,300 subscribers
Ernesto and Yuko form a Spain-Japanese marriage that opened this channel in order to show Japanese culture and its reality through very funny videos. You can find tips for traveling to Japan, how to interact with the Japanese, better understand the country's culture, relationships and much more!

9. Topes de Gama

2,060,955 subscribers
Welcome to the Topes de Gama YouTube channel. Here you will find analysis of the best Android terminals in the market and the most innovative technological products. But that's not all, in Topes de Gama we also love the comparisons between smartphones and solve all your doubts in our questions section. All this with a casual and simple tone, because the technology has to be fun and entertaining.

10. whatdafaqshow

4,738,579 subscribers
Hello! My friends call me MOX and this is my channel Whatdafaqshow, the best show on the internet where you will see challenges, jokes and internet drama episodes. I am a raider, vlogger, creator of fun content and many more things! Join the show!

11. guitarraviva

2,286,481 subscribers
The online school to learn to play the guitar Learn to play guitar easily, and fun with top-quality tutorials. I'm Carlos Asensio, founder of Guitarraviva, and I want to be your guitar teacher with the rest of the team. Since 2011, I have been at the helm of Guitarraviva doing the tutorials that they ask me in the comments, and trying to bring the musical culture to all parts of the world.

12. Musas

9,482,032 subscribers
This is a channel where you will learn, above all, how to create things for yourself: either with tutorials to paint your nails in very original ways, make hairstyles great and easy, customize your clothing or footwear, make delicious recipes (such as of pink lemonade) ... In Musas they teach you how to do it, in a simple and entertaining way, so that you achieve the best result. They also carry out challenges and videoblogs so that you can get to know your guides a bit better through this DIY channel.