Sex & Romance
Sex is of course monumental to relationships and quite tricky at the same time. It makes you feel bonded and let’s not forget, keeps you healthy too. But, who do you turn to when needing some ‘sex-related wisdom? Don’t worry because these YouTubers aka online sex educators will make sure your sex life remains full of spark and excitement and your relationship healthy. Check out the top 12 channels for sex education and relationship advice.

1. Laci Green

1,488,534 subscribers
If you’re into perky YouTubers who do more than just talking about the subject at hand, then you will definitely like Laci Green – the online sex-ed teacher and an active media personality. She posts videos every other week so you might have to wait a while before new stuff comes up. However, the content already published should keep you busy for quite a while. Laci is one of the first YouTube sex educators. She talks about everything from basic stuff like - ‘how to wear a condom’ to more unconventional stuff like ‘the anatomy of male pleasure.’ Laci even somehow manages to have a political take at stuff in her videos. You can obvious expect videos about lubes, herpes, date rapes, sexting, masturbation, etc. But, she does it in a very nonchalant manner.

2. Hannah Witton

471,531 subscribers
For a YouTuber as young as only 25, Hannah does one hell of a job when it comes to talking about secretive stuff like sex. You wouldn’t expect someone this young to be so educated about this kind of stuff, but Hannah proves you wrong. One defining feature about her vlogs is her sense of humour. You are guaranteed to not feel bored or dull even once while watching her. She talks about ‘all things sex and relationships’ from toys to hormones. Hannah even runs a funny series called ‘Drunk Advice’ where she literally gets drunk and gives away advice which is surprisingly good!
A professional sexologist, Dr. Lindsay Doe runs and manages Sexplanations. This should be your go to channel if you need clinical sex edutainment. She doesn’t just educate you, she also entertains you in the process, hence ‘edutainment’. If you’re not allergic to watching someone mimicking the act of dry humping or going a little extreme while talking about birds and bees, this is the channel for you. Sexplanations covers over 190 topics so there might be something for you too.

4. Ash Hardell

427,934 subscribers
I'm Ash - this is my YouTube. I shoot with a Canon 70D and edit with Final Cut. I'm hella queer and talk about that a lot on this channel. But I also do other things because this is the internet and there are no rules.

5. Jackson Bird

35,380 subscribers
Don’t be fooled by his baby-like face. Jackson is 25 years and been through a lot. A transman whose transition everyone saw on the internet, Jackson deserves to be on the list. Let it be known that he is not a sex expert. His videos are mostly about LBTQ community and educational in nature. A large chunk of his videos are about putting non-waffle foods on waffle iron and experimenting with them. As weird as it may sound, they are actually hilarious.

6. Melanie Murphy

547,480 subscribers
Melanie with her Irish charm and an equally charming Irish accent talks about random stuff related to sexuality, food, confidence, and lifestyle in general. Hers is not a channel dedicated to talking only about sex and relationships; although it does have a fair share of those videos. With over half a million subscribers and a wide spectrum of videos in the stock, Melanie surely brings a lot of interesting content to the table.

7. Riyadh K

364,807 subscribers
There’s a variety of vlogs you will find on this channel. Riyadh’s work ranges from vlogs, to sharing embarrassing moments with family, to collaboration videos featuring famous YouTubers. Again, this is not a channel that is largely about sex or relationships, but every once in a while he uploads something that is enlightening. Riyadh’s work is hardly ever serious. It’s most fun, quirky, and unconventional and has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to it.

8. Calum McSwiggan

79,276 subscribers
LGBT Lifestyle YouTuber, making videos about gay rights, mental health, sex education and everything in between. I upload new videos every Sunday and invite regular LGBT celebrities, drag queens, YouTubers and guests onto my channel. Five new videos each and every week!

9. Grace Victory

227,058 subscribers
Nicknamed as ‘the Internet's Big Sister’ probably owing to her being a plus size YouTuber, Grace talks about mental health, sex, relationships, self-love, fashion, social issues, etc. Through her videos, Grace aims to remove the taboo associated with most things. Currently residing in South West London, she is an avid documentary maker and blogger and most of her videos are lifestyle based. She also uploads weekly vlogs that show a more personal side of her life.

10. Rose Ellen Dix

760,510 subscribers
Hi, guys! We're Rose and Rosie! We're married, British YouTubers who release weekly entertainment videos in improvisational comedy! On this channel, you'll find challenges, relationship advice, reactions and reviews, and a nonsensical stream of consciousness! Don't forget to check out our vlogging channel, The Roxetera and our gaming channel,

11. Carlin Ross

29,572 subscribers
Named as one of the top people in ‘sex’ by Cosmo and Playboy – Betty Dodson is the author of several bestseller books. She also happens to be an award-winning sexologist. She runs this channel in collaboration with Carlin – an attorney/educator/entrepreneur. They are not your typical YouTubers. Being older than most YouTubers, the duo combines years of their experience and wisdom into answering the most commonly asked sex-related questions.

12. Planned Parenthood Health

24,585 subscribers
More than a 100 years old non-profit organization- Planned Parenthood is dedicated to providing sexual and reproductive health care in the US. It decided to take a step further and launch its own channel. You’ll find all kinds of videos; animated ones, personal experiences, survivor stories, and what not here. There are no dramatic effects or clichéd openings. The videos are mostly formal and serious in nature.