When we hear the word “sculpture”, we always think of the biblical hero David or The Thinker by Rodin, or the Greek goddess Venus of Milos. Figures of animals and people were made in different centuries and from different materials. YouTube opens the door to the world of modern sculpture. The authors of 12 Best YouTube Sculpture Channels will show you which images and heroes are embodied in modern sculptures, will tell you what materials and tools are used and what is the source of modern artists’ inspiration.

1. David Lemon

38,174 subscribers
I just share that which I do best, and that's, creating bronzes. If you've ever been interested, curious, or just want to open up your life experiences, my channel is for you. You can see more on these videos and how I sculpt on my daily blog.

2. 3DworlD2

29,558 subscribers
Hi, my name is Bijan. Welcome to my channel, 3DWorlD2. My goal with every video is to provide my incredible viewers with creative content that shares my love of fine art.

3. LoreCraft

110,791 subscribers
Welcome to Lorecraft! Presenting some of your favorite characters from Lore and Legend, sculpted and painted by hand in time-lapse format. Established in April 2017. I have no professional training in the arts and I am making these at home, a lot of it on my kitchen table-turned-sculpture-workstation. I'm a fitness fanatic as well, and I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the area of Mind and Behavioural Sciences.

4. Mankej

66,714 subscribers
One of the best channel on youtube with everything related to sculpting.
Hi guys! I'm Juliana LePine, a Brazilian sculptress, and teacher! In this channel I'm trying my best to teach my techniques in English, I Know that my sculptures are way better than my English, but I will do my best to make good videos and hopefully, you guys can still understand!

6. Julian Khor

51,900 subscribers
The Wonderful World of Sculpting.

7. Sculpture_Geek

318,260 subscribers
This channel is dedicated to the celebration of traditional sculpture. Thanks for stopping by!

8. Philippe Faraut

64,747 subscribers
This official page is for people who have an interest in the most recent sculpture projects, instruction and sculpting tools by Philippe Faraut.

9. Polymer Clay Artist

66,587 subscribers
This channel is about polymer clay sculpting and I'm a learn-as-I-go Polymer Clay Artist. Here I do time-lapse sculpting demonstrations using Polymer Clay where I make things like a 3-headed dragon or an alien. I film the entire process each time and edit a video series for you guys. I also do DIY videos on cool crafts, sculpting techniques, and useful stuff like storage and home made tools. To some this channel is a big inspiration, and they actually TRY sculpting for the first time, it would be a blessing if you passed this along to your friends.
Welcome to Sculpture Studios. Creating sculpture for over 25 years, we undertake work of all size and all descriptions. We're a commercial based company, creating time soy film, TV, theatre, personal art, and all other aspects of the promotional and advertising world. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and liaising with the client throughout. We see the work through to completion from concept to drawing, pattern making, prototypes, fiberglass mold making, production runs in GRP glass fiber, plaster, concrete, bronze finish etc, artwork, transportation, and installation on site when required. See our extensive portfolio on youtube or on our main website, to the full extent of our project range.

11. Josh Foreman

14,434 subscribers
Hi! My name is Josh and I'm a video game artist and designer. I also like to sculpt, write, and research almost everything. My channel has several types of content you might be interested in. I've got art tutorials, video game commentary, and soon will be adding a world-building series as well. Basically, if you like nerdy stuff you should feel at home here.
Amelia Rowcroft has been working professionally as a figurative sculptor for 20 years. She creates fine art portraits and figurative sculptures. She has also worked commercially within the film industry and for the world’s leading wax figure museums. She studied at Central St Martins, Wimbledon School of Art and the Florence Academy.