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Imaginary worlds and mythical elves, orcs and trolls, intergalactic travel and more on Best YouTube Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Channels! Join and find detailed reviews of modern books, learn interesting facts about the best works in Sci-Fi and fantasy, about the creativity of writers and the characters they create.

1. PeruseProject

233,773 subscribers
I am Regan. I like to talk about books. "Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly -- they'll go through anything. You read and you're pierced." ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World.

2. Elizziebooks

31,009 subscribers
Hi, my name is Liz and welcome to my BookTube channel! Wondering what kinds of books I read? Mostly Young Adult and Middle Grade with a dash of celebrity memoirs. I really love Contemporary YA and MG, especially if it has a dash of fantasy and/or humor. I started making videos so I could find others to talk about books with!

3. polandbananasBOOKS

388,450 subscribers
Looking for something non-boring and awesome? Omg, this book... My name's Christine Riccio! I love comedy and reading fantasy books. I make what I like to think are funny videos every Tuesday and other days of the week too...I usually upload more than once a week - about books and book related pop culture stuff! I read a lot. I'd love to talk about books with you.

4. booksandpieces

11,387 subscribers
Hello lovely humans! I'm Elizabeth and I make videos about books in general and the books I love to read in particular. Sometimes it's about whatever I'm reading, sometimes there's discussion and educational stuff, sometimes there are even costumes.

5. Elena Reads Books

6,006 subscribers
My channel is all about books and book related things. I will be discussing books I have read and books I want to read and sharing information about bookish things galore.

6. gracewithabookinherface

36,000 subscribers
BOOKS...yep that about sums it up

7. abookutopia

368,216 subscribers
Hello, Everybody! My name is Sasha and I am a book-o-holic (and proud) I talk about every aspect of reading on my channel from book/movie reviews and tags to sketches and event vlogs! I also love to fangirl so if you need a friend to just freak out about a book or movie with, I got you! I currently live in Texas with my dog Fraser and am writing a book I co-wrote with my BFF called ZENITH.

8. Kassidy Voinche

46,594 subscribers
I love reading books and really love buying them! -I review mainly Young Adult fiction books and any genre within that category. I will occasionally review New Adult fiction as well.

9. Jellafy

13,439 subscribers
Jellafy well versed in the fantasy genre, which means she is always able to compare new fantasy novels to the genre’s best.

10. Kalanadi

4,342 subscribers
I'm Rachel, and welcome to my Booktube channel Kalanadi! My favorite genre is science fiction, closely followed by fantasy. I also read non-fiction, historical mysteries, and the occasional classic.

11. Ben Alderson

53,810 subscribers
Welcome! Benjaminoftomes is a channel devoted to the promotion of amazing books and weirdness.

12. TheReadingOutlaw

2,003 subscribers
I'm a YA librarian hailing from Kansas who loves books, cold weather, hot coffee, and the eternal OTP of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt.