Robots & Drons
Today, we do not even notice the robots around us, including drones that in some places fly over our heads delivering packages to people. They can just about everything for you: from taking a selfie or recording a high definition video of walking your dog. Find out all the interesting things about robots and drones from the videos on Robots & Drones Channels: info on the latest achievements in robotics, industrial and household robots. Watch exciting videos about using drones in different areas, about different types of drones and additional equipment for them, get tips on taking care of drones and taking part in exciting races and tournaments. Join Robots & Drones Channels!

1. BostonDynamics

922,366 subscribers
Our mission is to build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity, and speed.

2. FliteTest

841,433 subscribers
Flite Test is here to educate, entertain and elevate those who have an interest in flight. We live in a world where people are inside too much, disconnected too often and passionate about too little. We are leading the charge for the worldwide community of people passionate about a flight, creating the means both virtually and physically for them to connect relationally, grow intellectually and share widely their passion with others.

3. Simone Giertz

1,156,880 subscribers
Maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. Have become somewhat of an expert in shitty robots.

4. ABBRobotics

28,076 subscribers
ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots, robot automation, robotic manufacturing systems & related services. A strong solutions focus helps manufacturers improve productivity, product quality & worker safety. ABB has installed more than 250,000 robots.

5. 3D Robotics

36,483 subscribers
Smart Drones and advanced aerial cinema. Solo now shipping.

6. KUKA Robot Group

71,134 subscribers
KUKA Robotics is headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, and is a KUKA AG company. It is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial robots with core competencies in the development, production, and sale of industrial robots, controllers and software.

7. MegaBots Inc

130,667 subscribers
Watch our channel for all the best content about MegaBots and the robot revolution. We'll be posting new and exclusive content regularly as MegaBots changes the sports industry with giant fighting robots.

8. Epic Drone Videos

40,025 subscribers
Drone Videos - Mashups and compilations of the most EPIC DRONE VIDEOS on the internet! Sharing the worlds best drone footage.

9. Drone Camps RC

92,515 subscribers
Drone Camps R/C - Youtube Channel. Weekly New Reviews & Giveaways.

10. Drone Valley

51,138 subscribers
Drones tutorials, commentaries, reviews and more.

11. Drone Compilations

40,556 subscribers
Welcome to the Official Drone Compilations Channel, full of the latest collection of entertainment clips taken with drones (unmanned aerial vehicles).

12. Drone Racing League

91,805 subscribers
DRL is the premier professional race series for FPV drone racing. The Drone Racing League brings the world's best pilots together to fly the custom designed "DRL Racer 3" drones to race head-to-head through world-class 3D courses in iconic locations. Drone Racing is the sport of the future.