Road Trip
We spend a lot of time planning our weekends and vacations. And there’s a reason for that, right? We want to make sure we get enough positive emotions and impressions to share with friends and co-workers. But believe it or not, there are people who easily combine their everyday life and traveling and don’t spend much time planning. Yes, we’re talking about RV travelers here. And the greatest thing about it is, of course, the freedom of choice you get when you can change routes as you go and change your plans because, well, most of those guys simply have no plan at all. Here on Best YouTube Road Trip Channels RV travelers share their impressions on the places they visit, the routes they take, the RVs they drive and live in. Check out the Best YouTube Road Trip Channels!


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Elton Castee & some of his friends will be setting off for an epic road trip while searching every day to find something new & exciting to do!

2. Knorpp and South

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Welcome to our crazy life! We are a family of 11 who is road-tripping around the world. Homeschooling, teaching about natural living, and taking in as much of this awesome life as we can! Come along for the ride!

3. Nomadic Fanatic

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Hi, I'm Eric! I have a Youtube channel about my daily life living in an RV full time, boondocking and camping while traveling around the United States. I travel with my cat Jax(the real star of the show), and we film our adventures and try to capture the beauty and freedom of life on the road and our alternative "American Dream".

4. Expedition Happiness

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We converted a school bus to a tiny house on wheels and started an epic road trip...We are traveling from Alaska to Mexico! What awaits us? No idea! Will we make it? Probably not! Will it be fun to watch? Ohhhhh yeah!

5. The Epic Family Road Trip

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Hello World, we are the van Stralen family! We are a traveling and over-landing family of 5 from Ontario, Canada. Our goal is to inspire families to embark on epic adventures together even if it's in their own backyard. That's where we started out. Today as we explore the globe in search of adventure, family fun and meaningful humanitarian experiences we focus on our three core values “WORK PLAY and CARE” We seek to find new places, meet new people and to make a positive impact wherever we go.

6. iamjake

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My name is Jake Wettern and I live in my Jeep Wrangler "Jade." My dog Annie and I are currently traveling in Jade on a 50 state road trip documenting almost every aspect of the adventure. Every day has its own story, these are my stories.

7. DestinationOpenRoad

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Road trip video.

8. CheapRVliving

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Welcome to the CheapRVliving YouTube Channel, we're very glad you're here!! We're people who are tired of living the rat race and a life filled with hyper-consumerism--always buying things looking for contentment, but never finding it. Instead, we are returning to our original, truly human roots of tribal nomadism. We've adopted lives of travel and adventure by living in a vehicle like a car, van, RV or tiny house and living lives of simplicity and even minimalism.

9. groovinthemootv

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A three-weekend journey of road-tripping and memory-making moments in six regions across Australia.

10. AdventureVanMan

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My name is Brian. This channel is dedicated to my dream of living a simple adventure-filled life. I converted a cargo van into a camper van that I live out of full time. Follow along as I find my freedom and happiness through living a simple and adventure-filled life. I am working seasonal jobs, producing YouTube videos, and doing online media work to make money as I live a nomadic life on the road. Join me on my adventures!

11. Enigmatic Nomadics

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In the midst of an exciting adventure that all started with the seed of an idea to be able to travel and sustain an adventurous life on the road in the digital age. After a lot of research and preparation, I hit the road with no particular destination and savings from selling off most of my stuff and set out in a well researched, AWD, Astro van purchased off of Craigslist for $2,000 in 2011. The name Enigmatic Nomadics was chosen given the definition of enigmatic just fits this lifestyle so well. If travel, adventure, and uncertainty of the future strike a cord with you, I encourage you to follow along as I forage into the unknown which is sure to eventually grow and expand beyond U.S. borders.This is a living, dynamic experiment. ~Jamie

12. India on Road Trip

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You are watching YouTube Channel India On Road Trip. I am A Ph.D. Student of Delhi University and I Make Videos of My trips for My satisfaction and for your enjoyment and knowledge. I ride on UM Renegade Commando. I am from New Delhi so I mostly Ride near Delhi. You can see my Channel's logo on My Bike & car in Delhi. Subscribe the Channel for getting new updates. And stay Updated with me. That's all. Thank you for joining this Family.