Feeling stuck about your relationship with nowhere to go for some real, useful, and practical advice? Don’t worry because your friend – otherwise known as YouTube – is here to help you out of the perils of dating and relationships. Speaking of which, it pays to know which destinations to follow to find the most valuable wisdom. With that in mind, we have narrowed down a list of 12 best YouTube Channels to follow for the best dating and relationship advice. We’ve ranked them in the order of the nature and the quality of the content. Of course this is our personal opinion; so feel free to rank them as per your own liking.

1. The School of Life

3,590,079 subscribers
Okay! So this is not a platform exclusively run for giving away relationship advice so you may want to filter out the videos to stumble up on just the right ones. The channel is mostly about unraveling the mysteries of the life and answering the great questions that the human race has been battling with. The stuff about relationships happens to be just a part of the huge spectrum of topics that ‘The School of Life’ covers. This is not a channel based on personal experiences. It features a voiceover and the narration in the videos tends to induce a feeling of whimsy.

2. Dating with Dignity

34,193 subscribers
If you cannot afford a professional relationship expert then this is the channel for you. Marni Batista - a certified life coach and a Master Practitioner at administering an Energy Assessment talks about ‘all things relationships’. Everything from ‘dating the wrong guys’, to breaking the dating pattern, to ways to reignite spark with your partner; she covers it all. Marni beautifully combines her own personal experiences along with her academic knowledge of the field to give away some real pearls of wisdom that are sure to help you find a way out of even the most hopeless situation.

3. Simple Pickup

2,722,163 subscribers
Simple Pickup is designed to prove that any guy can attract women. They will use pickup lines to get phone numbers, answer your questions, and interview hot girls to get their perspective on everything from dating to sex. ​

4. Tripp Advice

571,974 subscribers
Like ‘To Get a Boyfriend’ is for women, Tripp Advice is a channel dedicated to helping men become a chick magnet and attract the right woman. It is managed and run by Tripp Kramer; hence the name. The one thing that separates this from other relationship channels is that the presenter doesn’t just lecture you. He takes you on a journey (literally) – more like a Vlog and shows you real examples of whatever he talks. His videos feature practical demonstration of the tips/advice he shares.

5. Far From Average

516,646 subscribers
You won’t see a guy or a girl sharing his/her experiences or interviewing people out on the streets on Far From Average. The nature of the videos is more abstract in nature featuring a voiceover/narration. The channel features animated content to educate the viewers on subjects like ‘how to make men respect you’, ‘how to flirt with women’, ‘how to avoid misreading the signals while dating’, etc. Far From Average is a channel for both the genders so that’s clearly a plus.

6. To Get a Boyfriend

179,658 subscribers
So, this is not a channel for men, obviously. If you’re a woman who has been putting herself out there and still can’t seem to find the man of her dreams, To Get a Boyfriend might offer a new perspective on things. The voice behind the videos, Jes has crafted videos that revolve around three things mainly – finding a boyfriend, getting the right man, and keeping him. Think of the content as ‘how-to’ and ‘tips-based’ blogs that have been converted into videos.

7. TEDx Talks

12,525,652 subscribers
TEDx Talks is basically a collection of local speakers talking to local audiences about their personal experiences. The topics range from political to social to personal. Really, you’ll find the whole spectrum of it. Every single video is a real gem as you hear raw, unadulterated, and honest experiences of the presenters. From a huge library of videos that this channel carries, you are sure to find some real great ones about relationships and dating that you can relate with and learn from.

8. Dating Laurel

59,285 subscribers
Laurel House – The Flirting Expert and Dating coach who has even been featured and interviewed on KTLA Morning News says - screw the ‘RULES’ and stop the ‘GAMES’ when it comes to finding true love. From the most basic topics such as first dates and boyfriend problems to more ‘hush-hush’ stuff like ‘friends with benefits’; Laurel covers it all. Most of her videos start with rhetorical questions and dig deeper into the subject as the video progresses. The videos are rather straightforward with no unnecessary dramatic effects.

9. Practical Happiness

17,849 subscribers
The channel’s name makes it abundantly clear as to what to expect from it. The content of the videos is right on-spot and talks only about what it promises. None of that corny stuff; only real practical advice! PracticalHappiness is a channel for men and women who struggle with the issues surrounding first dates, rejection, break-ups, confidence, getting mixed signals, jealousy; basically all the things we go through when in a relationship or wanting to start one. The ‘how-to’ styled nature of the videos is the real winner.

10. Emily Hartridge

333,698 subscribers
If you’re into YouTube celebs like Jenna Marbles and enjoy their little quirks and idiosyncrasies then you would definitely find this channel interesting. Emily Hart, a presenter based in London through her channel talks about stuff like sex, relationship, love, life, gender, and so does it in her own style. The content of the videos aside, you’re sure to fall in love with her British accent because let’s face it, who docent love a good British accent? Emily takes an honest take at everything she talks and features. So, if you like honest videos that make you laugh and connect with them, do watch Emily Hart.

11. SucceedAtDating

19,734 subscribers
Alex Coulson, the guys who runs the channels is breaking all the conventions of dating. He says you don’t have to go to bars or clubs and use clichéd pickup lines to impress women. And, he shows how! Alex calls himself ‘just a regular guy’ and not a dating expert. So, all the dating tips you get from him are practical and doable. If you want to know how to meet women and refresh your dating life while going for a movie, shopping, or grabbing a coffee; check out SucceedAtDating.

12. Hayley Quinn

88,105 subscribers
Her dating advice is for good guys that want that sexy edge and for women who want to take control of their dating lives. It's modern, liberal, ethical and not about playing games or living by dating rules. If you want to meet more people in real life, have more exciting dates and discover your check out her blog.​