Pregnancy is one of the most precious and beautiful phases of life. So, setting your expectations right and knowing how to deal with the changes is paramount. And, who better to tell you all that than those who’ve already been through that phase? If you’re wondering how the progress will look, what emotional and physical changes you might experience, and the whole spectrum of feelings that pregnancy brings; do check out these 12 YouTubers for pregnancy related information/advice.

1. Mimi Ikonn

804,154 subscribers
If you follow YouTube celebrities it’s likely you would have seen Mimi in one of her hair tutorials. Mimi’s incredibly warm personality and beautiful voice are some of her USPs. Upon visiting the channel, you’ll notice that not all her videos are about pregnancy. Mostly they’re about fashion, lifestyle, DIY projects, and shopping hauls. But, she did document her pregnancy - from the first ultrasound to right after the baby was born and shared with viewers through YouTube. You can check our weekly pregnancy updates, her belly transformation, and Mimi answering commonly asked questions related to this period.

2. Channel Mum

82,449 subscribers
This is more than just a channel. It’s a community of expecting parents, first time parents, and those who are already enjoying the highs, the lows, and the challenges of parenthood. The channel covers it all. Some of the videos are styled as documentaries while others are more personal in nature sharing people’s experiences. You can find videos related to DIY projects, family food recipes, quick pregnancy hacks, parenthood advice, and much more. What’s more, you can even ask questions and one of the experts from the support forum will answer them.

3. RachhLovesLife

217,337 subscribers
Another YouTuber dedicated to helping out mums and new parents in general and educating them on parenthood, Rachel uploads a new video every Saturday. She also does regular vlogging and her videos talk about stuff like gift ideas for a baby shower, how to survive first 3 months with your baby, etc. She even has all her pregnancy updates week by week on the channel which you can check out to know the kind of changes to expect. She frequently does ‘Laundry Chats’ too where she talks about what’s currently going on in her life.

4. SheCare channel

39,054 subscribers
This is basically a pregnancy health channel aimed at educating women about pregnancy in general. You won’t find any vlogs or blogs or someone telling her pregnancy story. In fact, you won’t even find any voiceover/narration. Mostly they are tips, ways, and remedies for health related problems women encounter during this period. If you have any questions related to pregnancy or wondering what foods to avoid or eat – follow SheCare Channel.

5. Sprinkleofglitter

2,593,269 subscribers
New videos every Monday and sometimes a cheeky bonus midweek. Woah pony, that's exciting. Aloha! I love beauty, babies (particularly mine) and shopping. Come on in, the water's fine!

6. Laura Byrne

24,831 subscribers
Laura is a regular vlogger and most of her vlogs are about pregnancy updates, a typical day with the newborn, pregnancy story, baby teething, and so on. From the videos it seems like she doesn’t do a lot of editing to add dramatic effects. They are mostly about her personal experiences in a very natural and honest manner. If those are the kind of videos that you prefer, you will surely like Laura.


1,876,158 subscribers
Jonathon and Anna are the parents who broadcast this channel where you can see the highlights of their lives. The co-stars are - their pet dogs and their two daughters. The couple has shared everything about their life including Anna giving birth. Of course this is not a channel solely about pregnancy but Anna did document her entire experience. Most of the videos are really playful and you are sure to fall in love with the kids. If you want to know what the life looks like after you have had kids, do watch this channel.

8. Hayley Paige

109,114 subscribers
Living in LA, Hayley with her husband Doug and the 6-month old baby girl documents all aspects of her life. Her videos are mostly about pregnancy updates, struggles and joys of parenting/motherhood, health, fashion, DIYs, beauty, wedding planning, lifestyle, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Her charismatic personality and playful voice are some of the things you’ll love.

9. Pregnant Chicken

10,958 subscribers
Videos and reviews on pregnancy and baby gear. The channel dedicated to helping new and expectant parents keep it sunny side up without losing their damn minds.

10. Fit Mums Channel

16,651 subscribers
Pregnancy Exercise is dedicated to providing expert advice in pre and post natal exercise and well being. Lorraine is a Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist with more than 20 years experience. Lorraine has trained safely through her 3 pregnancies and now juggles motherhood, work and running a home. Visit the website for lots more information and for your Pre or Post Pregnancy Exercise and Health Program.

11. Men & Women Health Hub

6,003 subscribers
Health Is Great Channel For Men & Women Health in Which We Are Providing the Solution for men & women health that are related to men and women problem and solution. Thanks for watching our video. Please check out our channel for lots more content.

12. good pregnancy

3,700 subscribers
Welcome to the Good Pregnancy Channel !!! My name is Patricia Moreira .