Poker is a game with millions and millions of fans around the world, from actors and bankers to drivers and housewives; a game in which one can win a fortune or lose everything. Logic, intuition, confidence and professionalism, that’s what it’s all about. Learn how to play and learn everything about poker by watching the videos on Poker Channels. Experienced players will tell you the history of poker, about the strategies and rules of the game, about poker psychology and some tricks, about different tournaments they take part in an online poker. Play and win with Poker Channels!

1. Daniel Negreanu

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Welcome to my channel where I share the strategies that have helped me earn over $32,000,000 in poker tournaments. Each Monday I'll release a poker tip, aimed primarily at beginning players but with advanced tips mixed in as well. Tuesday will be a podcast, vlog, or rant, Wednesday will be a hand breakdown, and on Throwback Thursday's I'll be reviewing some of my older content.

2. PokerStars

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Official PokerStars YouTube account, catch all of the latest Live and Online PokerStars coverage here.

3. Andrew Neeme

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Poker player and vlogger, living in Las Vegas, traveling, living life.

4. joeingram1

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My name is ChicagoJoey also known as Joeingram1 or Joe Ingram :)! I do poker podcasts with guests from the high stakes world! Check out my Poker Life series which focuses on online and live poker players including people involved with poker in other various ways. I also have my High Stakes Pot Limit Omaha series which are the best players from the online PLO world. I've done a few episodes of the Power Poker series with Doug Polk aka WCGRider that should be 20 episodes right now but we are slacking.l

5. Team NeverLucky

54,561 subscribers
Online & live poker strategy, twitch debauchery, hilarious stream moments, & the odd chair giveaway from time to time. If these are all things that interest you, you've found your home. If some of these interest you, you've found your home!

6. Doug Polk Poker

191,049 subscribers
Watch highlights from Doug's Twitch stream, educational poker content, and funny videos.

7. Poker Night in America

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Poker Night in America is a nationally syndicated television show that celebrates the great American pastime: playing poker with your friends!

8. Gripsed Poker Training

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The Best Poker Training Channel on Youtube. Everything you need to know to become a Champion! Transform yourself into a winning poker player with elite Poker Strategy and Mental Game Strategy

9. Poker Central

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POKER CENTRAL is your new source for everything happening in our world, on and off the felt. We show you how the poker universe crosses over into the lifestyle worlds of pop culture, style, travel, music, sports, tech … and everywhere else. Watch for your favorite celebs, entertainment news, and of course poker. It’s going to be fun, let’s take a ride.

10. PokerStaples

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I am a full-time poker professional on PokerStars Team Online. I stream 5 days a week on, upload poker videos every day here on YouTube, and Vlog every day on my other channel Jaime Staples. Thanks for checking it out!

11. ConsciousPoker

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I'm a professional poker player and coach. For the last 12 years, I've been traveling the world full-time playing the biggest games on the planet. I've made over $3,000,000 playing tournaments, but my main focus has always been cash games. In Macau, I've been known to play the extreme nosebleed games, where you bet a car and get raised a house. On this channel, I'll share the best of what I've learned and teach you how to do it yourself.

12. The Poker Bank

44,647 subscribers
Trying to upload the best poker strategy videos we can. I want every video we upload to be worth watching. The strategy is aimed at NL Hold'em cash games, but as always the skills and strategy you pick up are often transferable to other games.