Smells play a very important role in our life. They evoke memories, associations and enhance sensations. What aromas are popular today, how fragrances for men's and women's perfumes are created and what ingredients are used in them. All this and way more in Perfume Channels on Best YouTube Channels.

1. Jeremy Fragrance

381,279 subscribers
Fragrance Blogger Perfume Tips for Men and Women.

2. Katie Puckrik Smells

33,664 subscribers
Katie Puckrik's perfume reviews and scentertainment for fumeheads and fragrance thrillseekers.

3. robes08

30,403 subscribers
Reviewing One Fragrance at A Time until there is none left to review. I will do the research so you don't have to.

4. Redolessence

59,626 subscribers
Sharing my passion and hobby for fragrances with the world through my fragrance reviews/cologne reviews!

5. Fragrance Bros.

24,090 subscribers
I make fun, entertaining reviews of fragrances for men and women, and I am the best place to find the perfect fragrance suggestion.


21,455 subscribers
Fragrance Reviewer taking it to the streets....STREET SCENTS.

7. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

9,069 subscribers
Hello! Welcome to my perfume review channel. This channel is solely for all things perfumey and nice smelling. Here I will review lots and lots of different perfumes covering all ranges from men's to women's, different brands and different styles. I hope you enjoy and I'm more than happy to give anyone any perfume advice should you need it. Thanks for watching!​

8. Gents Scents

17,691 subscribers
I'm a collector of fragrances (cologne & perfume) and I'm sharing my knowledge and collection with everyone else.

9. Max Forti

27,439 subscribers
FRAGRANCE REVIEW: A Channel that was created to share my love and passion for fragrances with the world! Monthly Swap & Sale videos and GIVEAWAYS! Fragrance, cologne and perfume reviews and TOP lists!!!

10. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover

25,736 subscribers
Living life through various art forms. Perfume, Music, Photography, and Cooking. You'll also get to know my cats Jean et Claude.

11. MrSmelly1977

13,753 subscribers
Fragrance Review.

12. dracdoc

36,469 subscribers
In-depth reviews about fragrances and colognes.