Parrots are one of the most beautiful and smart birds tamed by humans. And of course, we all know how funny these creatures are! Learn a lot of new things and facts about parrots, it will make you like them even more. Experienced parrot owners in their videos on Best YouTube Parrots Channels will teach you how to take care of parrots, tame parrots, tell funny stories about the life of their pets, show amazing tricks and give advice on all things parrots. Join the community of parrot lovers and have fun on Best YouTube Parrots Channels!

1. Gotcha The Cockatoo

215,083 subscribers
Life with my crazy, funny, loud, and loveable 12-year-old Moluccan Cockatoo named Gotcha. The Gotcha is a Rescue Cockatoo, he was abandoned, neglected, and mistreated in his previous home. Thankfully he came into my care November of 2014 and I can't imagine life without him! It has been a hard road earning his trust and redirecting negative behavior that was caused by him. Adopting a parrot is like adopting a 2-year-old toddler that doesn't grow up or move out when they turn 18. They can live 80+ years! Parrots are a LIFETIME

2. Mr. Max T.V.

194,385 subscribers
Life with my cockatoo Max. Max is a 12-year-old Moluccan cockatoo. Angel is a 16-year-old black cat who is the older videos. Angel passed away in January 2016. Max does NOT have his wings clipped and has NOT had them clipped in 7 years, he can fly when he wants but normally only will fly if something spooks him.

3. Peekaboo parrots

105,006 subscribers
Hi everyone, All of my birds, present or past (except budgies), are hand raised/handled. I have spent a lot of time training them, whether it be sitting in the living room with them or ignoring their screams & bites. Please keep in mind, some things about birds are just in their nature and are not far off from how they behave in the wild. Please do your research if you are thinking of owning one. Birds live a long time & they require a lot of patience, time, work, and sometimes money if they become injured. More important, really like birds!

4. Parrot Wizard

93,474 subscribers
Kili the Senegal Parrot, Truman the Cape Parrot and Duke the Budgie show off the various tricks they have learned. Videos include how to teach your parrot tricks, latest tricks the birds have learned, and tips about bird training.

5. Parrot Whisperer

87,263 subscribers
Welcome to the official and one and only one Bird Tameness, Our aim is to help worldwide bird lovers, owners, rescuers and utilize all the birds' needs. We provide several videos that show step by step training, timing as well as teaching a variety of tricks; moreover, we deal with several bird species that we show in along with our other videos. Also, like our channel called bird tameness where you receive the latest updates about taming, training, teaching tricks, advice, warnings, healthy diets, food to avoid, photos, videos and more!

6. Harley the cockatoo

87,743 subscribers
I am Anja, Harley's owner. Harley was born in July 2008. We got her when she was 8 weeks old. We have had our whole life birds (smaller ones agrapornissen, cockatiels and Canary's). But our dream was always to have a cockatoo ... so we read a lot about what it is having a cockatoo the positives things but more important the negative things ... Most people forget this .... they are very loud, make very much dust, a lot of mess, destroy everything they got in their beak ... so we take a year to get all the + and the - in our head .. before we say yes.It is daily hard working, cost mommy very much energy to raise me from baby to what I am today ...

7. Marlene Mc'Cohen

79,998 subscribers
Welcome to my channel! This is my life with parrots and other animals! I hope to teach bird owners how to care for parrots, tame parrots and most of all... give their parrots a cage-free life! I make new Parrot Talk videos every Tuesday and upload a "Parrot Video of the Day" featuring my birds, daily. Also tune in to my behind the scenes, when I make films, music videos, and Vlogs which I hope you will enjoy as well. My pets love it when you visit.

8. FlockTalk

46,722 subscribers
I aim to provide informational posts, resources, and assist a variety of avian-oriented individuals.I hope to further stop the spread of misinformation, provide adequate resources to the avian community and have some fun doing it! If there's a topic you'd like me to talk about feel free to let me know, I hope we can learn and grow together and have tons of fun as one collaborative flock!

9. Manda & Rio

19,805 subscribers
I am an experienced parrot parent. I love my 'fid', Rio, who is a Green Cheek Conure [GCC]. My hope for you is that my videos will help promote positive parrot ownership with good avian guidelines for responsible ownership. I created this channel with my own flock in mind, with things I wish I had known prior to parrot ownership and things I've learned along the way to help aide new and current parrot parents. The videos here are intended to aid potential parrot parents and guide those new to parrot ownership.

10. Pepper and Pals

7,454 subscribers
Hello! Welcome to the Pepper and Pals YouTube channel. Here you'll soon find three different types of videos: -Birbapedia, where I profile different bird species. -Nerd n Bird, where I examine the bakery in your geekery. -And just videos of my birds! Eventually, I'd like to expand to lets plays with the birds!

11. Parrot Post

27,788 subscribers
Parrot Post is a channel to chronicle everyday life with my parrots. I also hope to inspire kindness and compassion toward birds and all animals. Benjamin - normal gray cockatiel. Jasmine - lutino cockatiel. Piper - peach-faced lovebird.

12. Eric The Legend

37,731 subscribers
Eric is a Bare eye Cockatoo, commonly known in Australia as a Little Corella, he responds to the excitement and has picked up a few swear words thanks to the boy's watching the football.