If you are tired and bored of monotonous things you do on a daily basis at work and at home and are eager to find inspiration in something unusual, watch the videos on Parkour Channels. This very unusual and popular outdoor activity is all about doing things that might look crazy and dangerous (and sometimes they really are!) but yet entertaining. The authors of these videos will teach you to better control your body and improve your muscles, tell you about the history and philosophy of parkour and about the obstacles that every parkour fan must overcome. Check out Parkour Channels today to see something new and extraordinary!

1. Ronnie Street Stunts

936,610 subscribers
I am a parkour/ free running athlete and stuntman. I love making parkour tutorials and epic youtube videos featuring various types of stunts and characters.

2. TappBrothers

708,331 subscribers
Videos over Fitness, Calisthenics, Flexibility, Mobility, Parkour, Bodyweight Exercises, Fat loss, Strength, Tutorials, & Workouts.

3. LaFlairParkour

334,619 subscribers
Jesse La Flair is a Tempest Freerunning Pro Athlete, his Freerunning and Parkour Tutorials have been titled the Best Parkour tutorials on youtube by 1,000's. He is the number one most subscribed to Professional freerunning athlete in the world and has proved himself internationally at the biggest freerunning competitions and events winning not only Best Trick at the Red Bull Art Of Motion in 2013 but taking third place overall at AOM and the Bet Safe Air Wipp challenge. In the USA he is nationally known for his appearance and top performance on NBC's American Ninja Warrior as well as appearing in over 10 National Commercials and Major Block Buster Films.

4. James Kingston

605,479 subscribers
I travel the globe climbing some of the worlds tallest structures!

5. StorrorBlog

1,242,842 subscribers
Storror is a collective of seven elite athletes with big individual characters who were drawn together by a shared innate passion for movement and love of adventure. After growing up together and developing their skills for over a decade, the boys have built the most iconic brand in parkour with an enthusiastic following to match. The boys pride themselves on creating the most forward thinking and exciting parkour content available on the web.

6. shiey

389,791 subscribers

7. Ally Law

1,067,693 subscribers
Just sharing my best attempt at life with you all, Enjoy.

8. Shifer

480,028 subscribers
Hi everyone, my name is Antonio Mojonero, although in the world of parkour and free run they know me more like Shifer. I was born in Zaragoza, Spain in 1994, and I started training parkour in 2005. I have always considered myself free, in the sense of being able to do any discipline, even combining them to gain agility and coordination, but mainly I have done it for fun. I have lived in many different cities, and I have learned a lot from each place and I have always liked to help people with their queries, it is one of the reasons why I started doing stunt tutorials.

9. Ampisound

552,024 subscribers
Ampisound is a Parkour and Freerunning production company. We focus on filmmaking, choreography, and consultancy. We also maintain a community presence with self-produced content on our YouTube Channel. We have been involved in the Parkour world since 2005 and shooting movement since 2007. The focus of Ampisound is to capture any and all forms of movement or action shots in an authentic and dynamic way.

10. pigmie

1,019,270 subscribers
Best Selling Author | Bboy | Free Runner | Tricker | Bodybuilder | Semi-Professional Fireman | Speed Reader | Astronaut | Bro

11. GingerNinjaTrickster

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Welcome! I'm GNT. I love Martial Arts, Flipping around and teaching others to do the same! So check out my channel, I hope you enjoy the videos and that the tutorials help with your training!

12. teamfarang

241,414 subscribers
We are a team of international free runner who loves to take what we do to new places every day. Whether it's Bangkok, LA, Frankfurt or Tokyo, we're up to no good and looking for a story to tell. Subscribe and follow us as we take freerunning to new heights.