Painting influences our lives, the way we think and behave just like poetry or music. Nowadays, so many people are into painting, they express their feelings and emotions, share their ideas or fantasies on canvas and paper, and create new forms of art. The videos in Painting on Best YouTube Channels will be interesting and useful for those who are new to the unbelievable world of painting and are just beginning their journey as well as to the most sophisticated are experts. You will see how beautiful portraits, breathtaking landscapes are created and learn a lot about everything from fundamentals of pencil drawing and watercolors to acrylics, oils, and the most advanced drawing techniques.

1. agnescecile

322,781 subscribers
Agnes Cecile’s videos, She turns watercolor painting into performance art. Although her videos are technically not instructional, you can still learn a lot from watching them. The majority of her videos are of her painting portraits. She also has some amazing non-watercolor paintings on her channel. Her videos are a pleasure to watch, and I always look forward to her new uploads.

2. Kelly Eddington Watercolors

216,602 subscribers
Ever since I was a child messing around with a terrible paint set from K-mart, I have been obsessed with controlling pigments suspended in water. Now I paint with hand-made watercolors from Holland along with brushes ranging from high-end to dirt cheap, but the obsession remains. I create time-consuming, highly realistic portrait paintings, still life, and occasional landscapes using this most unpredictable, unstable, and unforgiving medium. I have always tried to take watercolor technique as far as it can go.

3. AnnaMasonArt

64,017 subscribers
Online watercolor classes, tips, tutorials and more from me, Anna Mason. My big, bold botanical painting is a modern take on botanical art. At you can take a FREE full-length video class and find out all about the equipment I recommend.

4. The Painting & Drawing

64,787 subscribers
Sponsored by the Society for All Artists, The Painting & Drawing Channel is dedicated to the art of learning to paint and us in the UK on Sky 261 (FreeSat 400) every Monday 9.30 am - 10.30 am and 5 pm - 5.30 pm ...or here on YouTube anytime you like!** On here you'll be able to find this week's edition of our flagship programme - A Splash of Paint - with topics ranging from Landscapes and Seascapes, to Still Life, Figures, Portraits and Animals... and in a variety of mediums from Watercolour, Oils and Acrylics to Pastel, Pencil, Ink and Charcoal. We also have a number of programs in our Archive section that are always available.

5. annemarie ridderhof

75,003 subscribers
My art channel, I love sharing what I have discovered

6. Caren Goodrich

70,424 subscribers
Dedicated to all artists trying to figure it out! I'm here to share what I have learned over many decades of art making. So grab some paint and let's have some fun!

7. MelyD.artist

48,900 subscribers
Fluid Painting Techniques -- MelyD style.

8. Danny Clark

22,767 subscribers
I am an artist in Houston Texas that really just enjoys life and all that comes with it.

9. Lilys Mix

20,989 subscribers
Acrylic pouring and abstract painting tutorials by Lily DuVeau.

10. Rick Cheadle

37,090 subscribers
Channel dedicated to discovering and trying new ideas and techniques to create art in all forms. DIY ideas for hobbyists, craftsmen, and artisans of all levels.

11. Sarah Fezio

11,299 subscribers
Hello and welcome to my channel! I started my YouTube journey after I was asked to do a video on how I created a painting with pouring medium. Then I realized I enjoyed it! I really like experimenting with all of the wonderful acrylic paints and mediums that are you never know what you might see! At this point, new videos will upload every Friday.

12. Deby at Acrylic Pouring

35,731 subscribers
If you like to throw paint around, then you'll love to follow me as I start from the very beginning after not being creative for more than 30 years. I warn you, it's not pretty! But hopefully the more paint I throw around, the more it will become so. Watch my channel and I promise to share all my paintings, the failures as well as any successes. For it is only when we try and fail that we start to learn.