Music Reviews
Got lost in the variety of musical genres and performers, and do not know what to listen to? Unbiased and honest weekly reviews will help you make up your mind. And they are waiting for you on Best YouTube Music Review Channels. Listen to passionate discussions about music and detailed analysis of the latest albums and singles. Best and worst tracks, reviews of video clips and reports from top music festivals around the world.

1. theneedledrop

1,443,135 subscribers
Hi, everyone! Anthony Fantano here! Basically, this channel is passionately dedicated to reviewing music. If you choose my site, you can expect to see daily reviews on the latest in rock, pop, electronic, metal, hip-hop, and experimental music. We're not always going to agree, but that's OK. I still love you.

2. Dead End Hip Hop

206,515 subscribers
No scripts. It's pure unfiltered hip-hop conversations and album reviews. No politics. No BS. We Are The People.

3. Lie Likes Music

73,602 subscribers
This is a channel dedicated to reviewing mainly rock music. Every week I'll upload several new album reviews to my channel. Some albums might be underground, others ride the mainstream wave.

4. Spectrum Pulse

34,324 subscribers
Spectrum Pulse is my channel where I talk about music, (occasionally) movies, art, and culture. Harsh but fair.

5. Todd in the Shadows

172,786 subscribers
Todd doesn't just review songs based off of certain aspects like the production, lyrics, etc. He just explains why he likes a song and why he doesn't like a song which is way more simple.

6. Shawn Cee

301,216 subscribers
Music reviews.

7. ADoseofBuckley

596,004 subscribers
Angry humor from an angry man. I don't take requests, this isn't your shitty local radio station's afternoon drive show.

8. Rap Critic

242,097 subscribers
The hilarious person on YouTube. Also analysis the lyrics better than anyone.

9. Kumerai Fang

2,873 subscribers
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to my channel! My name is Kumerai Fang - rising media critic and rising female critic.

10. Dylan Will Not Participate

250,984 subscribers
Music analysis and review.

11. Meami

132,081 subscribers
Music, Anime, Friends, Family & Gamez=life. A lil bit of me with a lil bit of everything

12. ARTV Reviews

97,591 subscribers
I review & discuss music, mainly from the world of alternative and rock, pop, hip-hop, & electronic