A happy family life is an art. And it sometimes takes a whole lifetime to master this art. How to preserve love and respect, be able to compromise and not lose patience, overcome difficulties, this is what the channels under the Marriage category are all about. Families with children and just married couples invite you on a very interesting and inspiring journey: documentaries, family adventures, couples sharing their memories with you, telling you about their relationships and everyday life. Check out Marriage on Best YouTube Channels!

1. The Bramfam

1,126,939 subscribers
Welcome to our channel! Our vlogs will show you the real life of a young married couple who happen to be teen parents. From laughter to fights. Accomplishments to struggles. Follow our journey!

2. Sid and Dina

358,890 subscribers
Sid and Dina and their daughter Hana. Vlogs, advice, family, and religion.

3. Jess and Gabriel

2,330,462 subscribers
Our life in marriage.

4. Cody & Lexy

328,023 subscribers
Cody and Lexy Johns are a married couple living in Los Angeles, California. Cody is a musician and actor, and Lexy is a Television Host and Actress. Here on this channel, they do challenges, vlogs, tell stories and give advice on relationships based on their experience being young and married. Follow along on the couple's journey as they tackle the entertainment industry while documenting their everyday lives and experiences.

5. Sierra and Alex

856,782 subscribers
Hey Guys, This is Sierra Furtado and Alex Terranova. We're one of those youtube couples...this is what we do the rest of the time :)

6. Kaelin and Kyrah

1,506,142 subscribers
Just a young college couple enjoying life together. We do epic DIY's and try cool challenges. We also tell weekly bedtime stories, science experiments, and give advice. Some say we're relationship goals, but we're just having fun! This is a family-friendly clean channel. No negativity, cursing, or anything inappropriate.

7. That Reyes Family

35,491 subscribers
Yo Yo Yo! Welcome to That Reyes Family Vlogs. We create family-friendly content that is fun, inspiring, entertaining, & spreads a positive message. We are Alejandro, Sarah, Sadie (8), & Bella (7)

8. The Baer Family

64,957 subscribers
We are the Baer Family! Welcome to our channel! We have 3 beautiful children. Myah ( 4 years old )Noah ( 2 years old ) Weston ( One-Month-Old ) Gage & I got married on September 6th, 2014. We are both 24 years old. Follow us on our journey.

9. ABeeutifulLife

16,082 subscribers
We are a vlogging family of four (Tre', Tia, Baby Dash, and our dog Dood) and we vlog moments of our life to share with you! We invite you to join us as we travel, go on vacation, or just hang out for the weekend!

10. Meet the Wheelers

12,818 subscribers
We are Mason and Sarah Wheeler. This is our journey of our growing family through IVF! We live in Washington state where we met in high school, fell in love and have now been happily married since June 11th, 2011! We have been trying to grow our family for more than three years now with no luck. We have turned to IVF and started this channel to help others see what this process is like. We have since started vlogging daily sharing our highs, lows and everything in between!

11. Rachelle and Justin

144,492 subscribers
Welcome to the SwanFam! Our names are Rachelle and Justin, and we do family vlogs and so much more! :) Here's a piece of our story! We got married at 19 years old in May 2014 and started trying to have a family a year after. We learned soon after that we had severe male factor infertility - which led to us beginning IVF in August 2016. We've experienced a failed transfer, losing two embryos. We've experienced a successful transfer, losing one embryo and keeping one - our miracle baby girl. Unfortunately, our miracle daughter Brynn was born sleeping in May 2017. We miss her every day and will continue to try and complete our family.

12. Tinker and Justin

9,766 subscribers
Welcome to our channel! We will be letting you guys have an inside look at our lives weekly with everything from challenges, vlogs, travel, fitness, food, fashion, and etc...