Makeup is a delicate matter: you have to be very skillful to highlight the beauties of one’s face and hide problematic zones at the same. But these are the skill you can build and develop. Master the wisdom of this art with the videos on Best YouTube Makeup Channels! Real professionals in the beauty industry will give you excellent lessons on and makeup, tell about different cosmetic products, recommend educational programs on makeup art and surprise you with an exotic mix of different styles. Enjoy!

1. Alissa Ashley

1,249,406 subscribers
Alissa Ashley does great makeup tutorials for people with hooded eyes.​

2. Stephanie Nicole

513,686 subscribers
Employed in the professional beauty manufacturing industry. YouTube is my hobby. I admire intelligent beauty.

3. Loepsie

440,108 subscribers
My name is Lucy, I'm a 23-year-old girl from the Netherlands, and I'm here to offer an alternative approach to beauty. I do lifestyle and beauty videos as well, ranging from wearable everyday looks, makeup tips, and DIY natural beauty treatments, to fashion lookbooks, vegetarian recipes, and more extreme Halloween tutorials. If you enjoy history, you've come to the right place as well. I have a few series based on historical makeup and hairstyling that are my little passion projects. Enjoy browsing!

4. Lisa Eldridge

1,786,869 subscribers
Mother and renowned professional make up artist working with many of the worlds top A-list celebrities, models, magazines, and brands. I only feature products I like or want to try. The products I use in these videos are either purchased by me or sent to me by makeup companies to use in my professional capacity as a makeup artist.

5. Sonjdradeluxe's

847,403 subscribers
Sonjdradeluxe's tutorials flawless skin tutorials are good and she doesn't follow the same kind of routine as most of the other. She's someone I think has a lot of integrity in the beauty game."​

6. itslikelymakeup

615,651 subscribers
Hey, babes, my name is Jordi & I am a professional makeup artist/idiot in Canada. Makeup tutorials

7. Gothamista

335,232 subscribers
Hi! Renee here, I'm a city girl and skin-enthusiast, who treasure hunts for beauty products as a profession. My entire career has been of finding & curating fabulous things, beauty, and lifestyle-related from the small necessities to indulgent luxuries! I have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years in both the buying and development side of products. I try a LOT of stuff so you don't have to!​

8. Mariah Leonard

348,131 subscribers
My name is Mariah Leonard, and I'm a beauty maven based in Los Angeles, California. Makeup-wise, my style is somewhere in the realm of editorial-edgy-wearable—I really like to mix aspects from classical makeup application with edgier/more unexpected trends. I also curate a TON of product reviews, discussions, dupes, recommendations, and op-ed style beauty videos. Think of me as your independent, vulgar-in-the-best-way beauty editor.

9. Karima McKimmie

253,551 subscribers
Oh hi, so you love makeup too? My name is Karima and my channel is full of in-depth makeup tutorials, product reviews, and skincare tidbits. ​

10. JkissaMakeup

333,624 subscribers
Jkissa is a small town Oregon girl with big city dreams. Up until her teenage years, Jkissa was often picked on for her baby doll eyes and forehead. Amongst her peers, she always felt like the Ugly Duckling. One day at the age of 15, Jkissa stumbled into an M.A.C. store and her life changed forever. An M.A.C. makeup artist welcomed her with open arms and gave Jessica her first professional makeup application. After that experience, Jkissa made it her mission to help other girls find their beauty from the outside-in through makeup. ​

11. Kate La Vie

151,499 subscribers
I'm Kate! A blogger, vlogger, beauty-obsessive and interiors newbie! I upload three times a week - one weekly vlog, one beauty video, and Sundays are for interiors. I love traveling, cuddling my cat Mouse (yup, she's v mousey) and updating my home, so you can find a lot of that here!

12. Tashina Combs

26,742 subscribers
Logical Harmony is the world's most trusted source for cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle and beauty. Through a mix of product reviews, product roundups, global news updates, recipes, and more Tashina Combs is showing that living a cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle is easy!