As a child, you loved all those stories about magicians and witches? And you still have a passion for everything mysterious? You have an opportunity to meet those witches on Best YouTube Magic Channels! Magic spells, witchcraft, and divination; Celtic, Scandinavian and Vedic rituals, spirituality and healing practices, facts about occultism and the tarot. All things magic and mystery on Best YouTube Magic Channels!

1. Harmony Nice

373,830 subscribers
Harmony Nice is one of the best youtube channel having videos with everything related to witchcraft.

2. Ashera Star Goddess

44,181 subscribers
My Witchy channel is about every and all things Witchy! Crafts, stories, hauls, spells, potions, Tinctures, and more!

3. Kelly-Ann Maddox

28,048 subscribers
Qualified spiritual counselor, award-winning Tarot reader, and free-wheeling chaos witch.

4. TheLadygravedancer

36,419 subscribers
I am a witch a mother, a wife, and am here to learn and share.

5. Black Witch Coven

40,210 subscribers
Hey Everyone, I make these videos to share some FREE info on how I do my work. And so you can be inspired to do this work for yourself.

6. Laura Daligan

28,865 subscribers
RedWitch TV - A Place for Magick, Adventures, Spirituality, Witchcraft, Shamanism & Awesome Interviews

7. The White Witch Parlour

107,432 subscribers
A place for positive energy, spiritual insight, wisdom, healing, and guidance!

8. Akasha Wolf

30,647 subscribers
This channel will help you on your new spiritual path in witchcraft. Witchcraft is not evil, its what ever you practice. It can be a dark craft if you like. It is not your religion its a practice. You don't have to change your religion to paganism or Wiccan todo the practice. If you are not looking to get in the path, there are a lot of other great things in here to help your energy and help improve your life

9. Molly Roberts -HerSpeak

20,423 subscribers
Rock + Roll Witch, Magick Junkie, Urban Mystic, City Kitty, Musician, Performance Artist, Writer.

10. Mystic At The Crossroads

21,227 subscribers
Peace and Blessings. My name is Jasmine the Mystic At the Crossroads. I am a practicing solitary eclectic witch with 20 years of experience passed from my mother from childhood. I practice magick derived from various traditions including ancient folk magick, Hoodoo, Egyptian mysticism, Wicca and many more.The focus of my channel is shared spells and rituals, answer questions and help people along their magical path. I practice magick spells for myself and perform spells for those in need. I am very happy and proud of my spiritual journey and grateful to be able to share these experiences with you

11. Ember HoneyRaven

15,508 subscribers
This is me talking about my life as a Big. Fat. Witch.

12. Annika Vatten

10,508 subscribers
Hello, my name is Annika, I live in Dorset UK, and this is my youtube channel. This is where I talk about spirituality and religion. I would say that I am quite eclectic, as my influences come from Celtic, Nordic, and Vedic sources. I have identified as a pagan since May 1997, and I dedicated myself as "priestess and witch" the following year. I started using The Sea Priestess as an online handle after reading a book of the same name by Dion Fortune.