Loans & Credit Cards
We all know what credit cards are and how to use them. Moreover, many of us can’t even imagine our lives without them these days — they just make shopping so much more convenient and easier. And we take loans for different purposes, too: starting your own business, buying an apartment or a car, traveling, etc. The videos in Loans & Credit Cards on Best YouTube Channels will walk you through all the nuances and help you better understand how loans, credit cards, and other credit products work. Professional financial advisors will give you useful recommendations on personal finance and invite you to join webinars, and people like you will share their stories and their experiences with loans, credit cards, mortgages of all sorts, unsecured personal loans and credit ratings.

1. Financial Education

161,364 subscribers
My name is Jeremy and I created the Financial Education Channel as somewhere people from all backgrounds, countries etc can come and learn about Investing, Personal Finance, and entrepreneurship!

2. Wall Street Survivor

42,827 subscribers
Wall Street Survivor is on a mission to demystify investing through interactive and comprehensive education. Jargon-free courses, paired with the web's best stock simulator, allow people to learn and practice trading stocks in a risk-free way.

3. Credit Suite

31,167 subscribers
Credit Suite is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get business credit without a personal guarantee or credit check. We also help business owners obtain business loans and credit lines, even if you have credit issues now or lack collateral. And we can also help you start, build, and grow a business credit and financing business so you can help others and get paid.

4. Hustler's Kung Fu

77,686 subscribers
Hustler's Kung Fu the brand is where your real education begins. Created in 2009 as a how-to video training platform. We helped people transition from jobs to becoming business owners. With over 17 years experience in business development, sales, and marketing. We have a massive passion for helping people succeed in the - success space that technology is providing. Our goal is to connect the dots and provide our viewers the information and training it takes to succeed in the new and vibrant marketplaces. Developing a -successful- business is one of the quickest ways to wealth ever developed. We provide a fresh and thought-provoking take on the subject of business, marketing, sales, and money.

5. VIPFinancialEd

90,263 subscribers
VIP Financial Education is the trusted pilot for people who want to dominate the banks. Companies from NASA, to RE/MAX, have relied on this curriculum to empower borrowers with strategies that quickly grow credit, unlock massive capital, and rapidly wipe out the mortgage and non-mortgage debts. The result is a much more powerful borrower/business owner / real estate investor. Someone with exponentially more. More safety, more cash flow, more capital, more freedom. It's just math people.

6. BeatTheBush

177,117 subscribers
Videos about Credit Cards, Personal Finance, Early Retirement, and Finance hacks. Beat The Bush is short for "Beat Around The Bushes" which means not getting to the point. Later on, it seemed appropriate to assume getting to the point of not getting to the point and you get Beat The Bush.

7. MissBeHelpful

22,009 subscribers
Hi! My name is Yanely and I love helping people make informed money choices! Here’s my money story: I grew up in a very large family (9 siblings!) with very little money, but I worked really hard in school. I had the opportunity to attend college on a full scholarship, but still managed to graduate with thousands of dollars in credit card debt! When I became a full-time teacher, I realized what a financial mess I put myself in and decided to change my life. Today, I’m 100% debt-free, I’ve got excellent credit, an emergency savings fund, retirement savings and stock investments. I’m happier than ever before and want to share my story with YOU so that you can join me on this journey to financial FREEDOM!

8. The Credit Shifu

49,144 subscribers
I'm the credit Shifu, Shifu means master in Chinese. If you want to master the use of credit cards, to unlock a world of amazing perks and free luxury travel, subscribe now!

9. Ask Sebby

52,582 subscribers
The #1 place to learn about personal finance for millennials.

10. FundooMoney World

6,145 subscribers
Welcome to FundooMoney World, the YouTube Channel of FundooMoney, your 24X7 buddy for all money matters! Here, you will find short videos and podcasts to help you take your day to day financial decisions. Whether you stay in India or are an NRI, whether you are a financial advisor or have a small business, this channel will give you necessary guidance. And all this will be available to you anytime and all the time, be it on your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

11. Credit Card Insider

8,404 subscribers
Find the right credit card and get the most out of it. Even if you think credit is confusing or have no credit, our free resources will help you learn how to use credit responsibly and to your advantage.

12. reditAssistHelpTips

739 subscribers
This YouTube channel is intended to be a resource for people who have less than perfect credit. It provides direct links to financial services specifically for individuals with a bad credit rating. People with poor credit still need to rent an apartment. They still need phone service. They still need to buy a car. They still may need a loan from time to time, etc. People with less than perfect credit still need to live their lives! They still need to obtain financial services! And that is what this website is intended to help you with! We provide you with a basic overview of the service and explain exactly how it works. Then you decide if you would like to submit an online application.