Join the community of life- and style-lovers. Enjoy DIY videos, masterclasses from makeup artists, fashion and beauty digests. The videos in Lifestyle on Best YouTube Channels are full of really useful pieces of advice on style, daily life, health, traveling, makeup and the art of dressing. Become stylish and always stay on top of fashion trends with Lifestyle on Best YouTube Channels.

1. Dulce Candy

2,231,232 subscribers
Enjoy DIY's, makeup, beauty, hair, and fashion tutorials here! My very first book, "The Sweet Life.

2. Samantha Maria

1,840,962 subscribers
Hey there! I'm a London based Fashion & Lifestyle blogger & Youtuber with a penchant for Travelling the world, eating and handbag collecting. I love creating videos surrounding personal style, beauty favorites, life advice, travel & everything in-between.

3. StyleHaul

531,088 subscribers
Welcome to StyleHaul. StyleHaul is the leading global style network where brands, creators, and the style-obsessed unite. Our community of over 6000 creators tells their stories across social platforms, connecting with their personally cultivated audiences. The result? A thriving community of over 500 million individuals all over the world driving 2 billion monthly video views. We're dedicated to creators who share the same passion for all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

4. Kalel

1,991,451 subscribers
Hello! I'm Kalel (pronounced kal-el) (yes, like Superman). I’m a 29-year-old cat lady living in Los Angeles. Although my life is relatively uneventful, I enjoy making various videos on YouTube to connect with people from all around the globe. I think there is something truly extraordinary about being a part of someone's day that I've never actually met.

5. Tanya Burr

3,673,823 subscribers
Along with Tanya`s successful line of lip glosses and nail polishes, Tanya Burr has over 250 videos, does awesome celebrity get the makeup look tutorials, makeup hauls, OOTD’s (Outfit of the Day’s) and she vlogs her daily life… what could be better!​

6. pixiwoo

2,167,218 subscribers
The Pixiwoo channel, made up of two sister makeup artists has nearly every makeup tutorial you could ever want… from summer looks, daytime looks, evening looks, Halloween tutorials and much, much more. Not to mention they are also the creators of the successful brush brand “Real Techniques.​

7. Niomi Smart

1,712,412 subscribers
Hello! Welcome to my lifestyle channel! I upload a variety of videos every Sunday including healthy recipes and fitness tips, and the occasional beauty tutorial and style lookbook. I'm dedicated and passionate about leading a healthy, plant-based lifestyle, which has led me to write the cookbook Eat Smart. I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to seeing you around here on Sunday for my next video!

8. dope2111

5,171,086 subscribers
I use makeup to transform myself into famous Celebrities and Characters. It started out as a hobby 7 years ago and now I am here using this awesome platform to teach and entertain millions around the world. Feeling blessed and thankful every day for all the love I receive for each one of you.

9. itsJudysLife

1,613,762 subscribers
Benji and I are daily vloggers from Seattle. We've been blogging every day since October of 2012 before we started our family! We have 3 beautiful daughters Julianna, Miya, and Keira. Watch us on the daily!


1,575,852 subscribers
My name is Karen Yeung and I'm a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who's currently based in Los Angeles. I was born in Hong Kong and raised in the Bay Area in California. My style is influenced by the toughness of the city and the lax suburban lifestyle. I uploaded my first video on March 13, 2013- it's so crazy how much has happened since then!

11. Anna Saccone

1,149,053 subscribers
NEW VIDEOS EVERY MON-WED-FRI! Hi, I'm Anna and I make videos about baking, babies, health, beauty and a little bit of fashion too! Subscribe if you're new - I upload 3 times a week! I also daily vlog over on SacconeJolys channel so check that out as well!

12. Shani Grimmond

1,548,077 subscribers
Hey, everyone! Welcome to my youtube channel :) I post new videos every 3-4 days and they are generally beauty related!