Channels and videos on any topic you can only think of can be found in the Korean segment of YouTube: entertainment, games, education, music, etc. The most popular are the channels where bloggers shoot a lot of entertaining videos, skits, jokes, various tricks and funny situations, as well as gaming channels, music, and vlogs about travel. For starters, one of the most famous music channels is "jwcfree", the author of which plays his guitar virtuously and offers online classes. Find out what the Koreans are watching on YouTube here.


14,505,963 subscribers
Welcome to S.M.Entertainment Official YouTube Channel! We deeply appreciate all of your love and support again. You can enjoy SM artist's latest videos on SMTOWN Official YouTube Channel.

2. officialpsy

11,925,869 subscribers
PSY may be best known for his international smash and electrifying phenomenon, "Gangnam Style" [Republic/ School Boy Records/YG Entertainment], but long before the Internet turned PSY into an international sensation, he spent the last 10 years building his career as one of South Korea’s most beloved icons.

3. YD(YANGDDING) Gaming Channel

1,782,985 subscribers
Yangkyo YouTube has various Minecraft videos, online games, mobile games, and flash games, including Minecraft's mini-games, mode reviews, escape maps, viewer participation, creative content, etc.

4. 김이브님 - Eve Kim

1,060,870 subscribers
Eva Kim is the most popular presenter at AfreecaTV. Eve can communicate on different, even the most delicate topics, possesses wit, attractive appearance, and charm, thanks to which she has many admirers. She gives very practical advice on various issues, both for men and women.

5. ssin 씬님

1,451,852 subscribers
Ms. Sin is a makeup guru who is able to transform her face with cosmetics. It seems tough and rough, but it distinguishes it from other millions of sweet beauty bloggers. She often makes grimaces that her video is ridiculous and comical, although at the same time in her videos there is a lot of useful information.

6. PONY Syndrome

3,946,940 subscribers
Pony is one of South Korea's most famous beauty gurus. She's been blogging about Korean beauty for years.

7. MBCentertainment

3,415,886 subscribers
A perfect blend of entertainment and education, MBC Entertainment, arrives in YouTube! MBC No. 1 reality show "Infinite Challenge", honest talk show "Golden Fishery", and arranged star couples' married life "Just Married" are ready to meet you.

8. 대도서관TV (buzzbean11)

1,717,826 subscribers
Live broadcasting is also free on weekdays. It is good to check the alarm. Sunday is a day off and a cacao TV solo show.

9. The World of Dave데이브

1,442,680 subscribers
Hey, It's Dave. I try to touch all areas from comedy and satire to cultural videos. My videos are based in Korea, where I reside! I work hard to update often so watch and enjoy!

10. jwcfree

5,105,966 subscribers
"Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist" from Rep. of Korea.

11. waveya2011

2,916,709 subscribers
YouTube's #1 Korean dance team. Winner of #1 UGC Channel from YouTube Korea.

12. sweetandtastyTV

845,821 subscribers
Watch for Korean language lessons, travel vlogs, cultural insight, and everything about Korea!