YouTube is well-known in every single corner of the world and every day millions of its users of different cultures, religions, and backgrounds shoot new videos and produce great content for the service. Familiarize yourself with the diverse YouTube community, and start with the most popular YouTube channels from the land of the rising sun. The Japanese like to watch anime, children's games and various fun and crazy stunts that make the YouTube. On these channels, you will also find many songs, music, and dances.
Hajimé is the most popular blogger in Japan. Why? You'll find out if you watch his stunning high-quality videos. He does funny and crazy things and checks very expensive products. In his videos included subtitles.

2. HikakinTV

6,089,780 subscribers
Television Hikakin is a channel where Hikakin presents funny things in everyday life.

3. Fischer's-フィッシャーズ-

4,537,238 subscribers
Fisher`s are seven incredibly funny, cool and crazy guys - Silk Road, Nahdaho, Derma, Zakao, Petoken, Motoki, Maasai, who do the same things on their channel. They warn: do not repeat after them, so as not to get injured. And just watch and enjoy!

4. Yuka Kinoshita

4,281,162 subscribers
Yuka Kinoshita loves to eat, so her channel is dedicated to cooking. Here you will find many interesting and nutritious recipes. The video will be understandable even to those who do not speak Japanese, as it is without words, and the names of the videos are written in two languages: Japanese and English.


3,631,166 subscribers
Music label, K-pop, commercials, announcements

6. キッズライン♡Kids Line

4,267,630 subscribers
Daily uploads from a family who loves movies, TV dramas and anime! Enjoy videos of Kou-kun and Nemi-chan having fun, playing games and going out every day.

7. KuDo ToysReview

3,349,119 subscribers
Hi! Welcome to Kudo ToysReview compilations!

8. SeikinTV

3,090,257 subscribers
On the main channel SeikinTV, popularity is gaining popularity with wide-ranging content such as songs, introductions of interesting products, "trying" that tried various things, game commentary etc. It is not bound by genre. In addition, he has written songwriting, and the "YouTube theme song" released on the main channel Hikakin TV of real brother HIKAKIN has more than 56,000,000 views.

9. ポッキー / PockySweets

1,948,633 subscribers
An excellent gaming YouTube channel, which is suitable for both medium and advanced gamers. The blogger does the passing and game reviews, for example, Biohazard. Some videos even show subtitles, so you can easily understand everything.
An excellent Japanese YouTube channel, which has recently become very popular in Japan. 東海オンエア- this group of talented friends-classmates who make experiments with different things. They also compete with each other in funny situations, not too joking with each other. To everything that they do is not to be taken too seriously. It's just fun, comedy and improvisation.
It is Kirisaki Eiji / Kirisaki Eiji. We upload events in daily life to YouTube. "Even if you hit a brutal wall, you stand up again and again"

12. MosoGourmet 妄想グルメ

2,424,364 subscribers
Nice to meet you! It is a delusion gourmet. Delusion gourmet is a daily family channel. I have taken pictures of sweets and characters made for children, toys I bought and places I went It is a daily live video of an ordinary family in Japan. It is not a cooking movie. Sometimes it will be a stray gourmet, runaway gourmet.