We start exploring European YouTube with the most popular Italian channels. According to one of the famous bloggers iPantellas, laughter is the best cure for all diseases. Therefore, Italian bloggers shoot humorous videos with comic situations, sketches, miniatures and compilations. Of course, there are also gamers, beauty bloggers and culinary shows. Many videos are accompanied by English subtitles, which makes it easier to understand what is happening and can even help you learn some Italian.

1. Me contro Te - I control you

2,416,930 subscribers
We tell our FOLLI days with a video a day!

2. FavijTV™

4,547,772 subscribers
Epic games on my channel.

3. Warner Music Italy

2,939,436 subscribers
Warner Music Italy is the Italian label belonging to the record company Warner Music Group, which is represented in more than 50 countries and ranks among the three biggest "Major" in the world music industry.


3,433,009 subscribers
The official Pulcino Pio channel, the most loved chick on the web!!! Videos, news, and curiosities about the fantastic world of Pulcino Pio & Friends, in real time.

5. iPantellas

3,512,143 subscribers
Laughter is the best medicine against all ills "said a Buddhist sage after an alcoholic party by the Dalai Lama.

6. SurreaIPower

2,313,732 subscribers
Minecraft games, passing, reviews, jokes and many, many others.

7. CoccoleSonore

913,620 subscribers
A channel dedicated to children and their families, to discover singing the world around them. Here you will find many animated songs: on traditional and popular music, but also a section dedicated to the learning of children. There are also videos with useful tips for mothers and fathers with issues ranging from well-being in pregnancy to nutrition.

8. Rai

2,033,467 subscribers
The best programs Rai. Documentary films, news, entertainment, music, sports - all in one place.

9. ClioMakeUp

1,153,422 subscribers
Clio Zammatteo (Clio Makeup) - one of the most famous Italian makeup artists on YouTube. Clio will give professional advice on makeup, offer lessons and share tricky tricks. Girls, do not miss her video!

10. willwoosh

839,536 subscribers
Willwoosh was one of the first on Italian YouTube to start a humorous program. If you want to laugh out loud, look at his channel!

11. yotobi

1,318,065 subscribers
Yotobi makes funny reviews of the latest TV shows and movies, spicing it all out with black humor and irony.

12. GialloZafferano

457,180 subscribers
This is the Youtube channel of GialloZafferano, the number 1 cooking site in Italy! Come and discover the many video recipes, from appetizers to main courses, from the first to dessert! What are you waiting for? Watch for and ... enjoy your meal!