The Indian segment of YouTube has a highly diverse content. People in India produce and watch tons of educational videos and scientific and technical channels, as well as, various shows, music programs, and feature films. Of course, the most popular here is the SET channel, where viewers can find entertainment for the whole family. And the video blog "Technical Guruji" with reviews of technological novelties and various gadgets and the culinary channel "Nisha Madhulika" is almost equally important to the audience. Check out the list of the best Indian YouTube channels here.

1. Technical Guruji

6,358,352 subscribers
Hello friends, Welcome to "Technical Guruji", I created this channel on 18th October 2015, my motive behind creating this channel is to make easy to understand, Tech Videos in Hindi, and I want each and every individual whoever is interested in technology to be able to understand it in the easiest possible way. I post two videos daily, on topics that cover the latest technology and tech news

2. ActorVarunPruthi

1,934,940 subscribers
Varun Pruthi makes the social experiment, inspirational and motivational videos on Youtube. Most of the time he is seen helping out people who are in dire need of money and support.They are mostly street vendors, people with disabilities. He helps them by buying their whole item at once.

3. BeingIndian

1,774,213 subscribers
The one-stop shop for all things Indian. Presenting to you India at its quirkiest best. Watch for your daily dose of humor and much more.

4. Vahchef - VahRehVah

1,262,373 subscribers
Amaze yourself, family & friends with your Indian cooking skills & knowledge Indian food is incredibly popular all over the world. Indian cuisine is a wide assortment of dishes, subtle and sophisticated use of a variety of spices and cooking techniques. Makes it easy to cook with their videos of the vast list of top Indian dishes

5. BB Ki Vines

7,905,461 subscribers
BB Ki Vines is about BB and some funny instances happening around him & his family.

6. Kantri Guyz

122,705 subscribers
Our very own Kantri Guyz from the land of Biryani which is Hyderabad and, well, more Biryani, brings you the best hilarious and entertaining videos on YouTube. From spoofs and pranks to comedy sketches, We do it all to present the best watchable family Comedy.

7. newslaundry

121,362 subscribers
News and news on the news. Slants, compromises, biases, praise, brickbats and 'news-views' mix-ups, but crediting the devil where due. Here nothing is off limits. We say it like it is and appreciate others who do.

8. SnG Comedy

769,572 subscribers
SnG Comedy is a group of professional stand up, improv and sketch comedians from Mumbai, India. SnG comprises of Karan Talwar, Varun Thakur, Aadar Malik, Brij Bhakta, Neville Shah and Kautuk Srivastava.

9. Health And Fitness

1,149,800 subscribers
T-series presents Guru Mann's Health and Fitness Channel. One stop place for all your health queries and fitness programs. Guru Mann a Certified fitness & Health Nutritionist from California gives you all of it here. Already live with 12 Major Programs.

10. SET India

24,333,578 subscribers
Sony Entertainment Television is a 24 hour Hindi General Entertainment Channel that provides complete family entertainment. A dynamic channel that responds to the diverse needs of its viewers, it offers a complete spectrum of genres from thrillers to dramas, events to comedies, game shows to dance shows and much more

11. All India Bakchod

3,164,679 subscribers
We make sketches, podcasts, web shows and other things for the internets validation.

12. Nisha Madhulika

4,309,611 subscribers
Nishamadhulika makes vegetarian Indian recipes that are easy to cook and good to eat. Watch our videos to discover interesting and delicious recipes.