Every year, a large number of people leave their native countries for various reasons. Different circumstances make people do that: some have relatives or friends abroad and want to be closer to them, some have trouble finding a job in their own country and others just want to try something new and think of moving to another country as an adventure. And it is an adventure indeed, but not always it is and joyful one — another culture, another language, and customs, another way of life. You have to be brave to do that, be ready to solve problems you’re used to solving — from not finding your favorite cookies or ice cream at the supermarket to not having your parents around to help you with the kids on the weekend. If you’re thinking about immigration, check out the channels under the Immigration category. The videos on Best YouTube channels will provide you with all necessary information on ways to immigrate to different parts of the world, immigration issues, clarify some legal aspects, etc.
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) – formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) – is the federal government department responsible for citizenship, immigration, settlement, and refugees. We also grant citizenship and issues travel documents (such as passports) to Canadians. We encourage you to share these videos via social media, embed them in your site and leave comments in the language of your choice.

2. U.S. Department of State

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Welcome to statewide, featuring an official video produced by the U.S. Department of State. Videos include remarks by Secretary Kerry, Daily Press Briefings, special video collections based on foreign policy issues, and candid interviews with U.S. diplomats.

3. Immigroup Inc

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Immigroup is a private immigration consultancy and travel document service firm based in Toronto, ON. Please check out all our free tools to help you immigrate or travel.

4. Crown Immigration

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Crown Immigration Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd YouTube Channel was established in 2009 and CICS is the world leader in providing Overseas Resettlement Solutions and establishing businesses in foreign countries and have sufficient people who have happily settled in various countries i.e. European Union Countries, Canada, UK, Europe USA, Australia, New Zealand, Latin American countries etc. CICS is also having excellence, industry knowledge, world-class infrastructure and comprehensive resettlement package consisting of immigrant and on immigrant visas.

5. Border TV

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Immigration officers stationed in the remote Torres Strait region of Australia monitor traditional movements between Australia and Papua New Guinea, based on the Torres Strait Treaty between these two countries. To find out more about the department's work in Torres Strait.

6. Immigration New Zealand

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Contributes to New Zealand's economy, society and reputation through the well-managed entry and settlement of people. ​New Zealand is looking for overseas talent to fill job vacancies in over 150 skill shortage areas. Explore the great career opportunities on offer in New Zealand and the unique lifestyle that you and your family could enjoy.

7. immigrationtube

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We handle ALL Canadian and US Visas and Immigration Applications for people entering Canada or the US to live, work, study or visit.

8. CanadaVisa

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The Campbell Cohen Canadian Immigration Law Firm offers a range of legal services to help individuals, families, and businesses achieve their Canadian immigration goals. With more than 35 years of industry experience, learn how Campbell Cohen and its website,, can help you prepare and submit a successful application to immigrate to Canada. Campbell Cohen also works with international students, foreign workers, investors, and business in their Canadian immigration objectives.

9. kytekutter

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This channel is dedicated to being an alternative news source to the lies and propaganda of the mainstream media.