We help people to have fun with hobbies! Videos dedicated to firearms and cars, steep fishing and hunting, playing musical instruments, drawing, hand-made and much more on Hobbies on the Best YouTube Channels.

1. Jon B.

809,708 subscribers
This is where I put all my ideas in the form of videos and share them with the world. I fish, I travel, I film, I vlog, and I live in the moment. My goal is to produce the dopest and the illest videos and edits you have ever witnessed... I want these videos to make you feel as if you are there experiencing this journey with me. With all that being said... I hope you enjoy. Keep fishing, NEVER stop.

2. LunkersTV

910,918 subscribers
I like to shoot guns and make bass fishing videos daily. I hope you guys enjoy the channel!

3. Monster Mike Fishing

361,029 subscribers
Epic fishing adventures with Monster Mike.

4. Chris Bulaw

166,968 subscribers
Fishing lakes, rivers, ponds, anything you can wet a line in! This channel serves to educate and entertain about all things fishing, and the adventures along the way.

5. 618 Fishing

149,551 subscribers
Fishing the ponds, lakes, rivers, and creeks from the Midwest and beyond! You will find videos featuring gear from the lightest of ultralight to the heaviest of heavy. This channel is dedicated to fishing purely for the fun and excitement of fishing! Enjoy!

6. Painting with Jane

176,332 subscribers
My name is Jane, and I'm fairly new to painting. My whole life, I wanted to paint but didn't think I was able to. Once I realized it was just a matter of practicing and I let my fears go, something amazing happened. I learned how to paint! Now I want to show you that YOU can paint, even if you think you can't. Follow along with me and let me bring out your inner artist! Make sure you subscribe so you never miss a video, and feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what kind of paintings and techniques you'd like to learn.

7. Jay Lee Watercolor Painting

494,937 subscribers
Calming the soul, mediated the mind, learning and motivating to paint. Jay Lee is a specialized watercolor artist. JayArt videos are showing how to paint flowers, nature and other techniques on the various tutorials offered.

8. Woodworking Masterclass

59,008 subscribers
Woodworking Masterclass is a How-to channel for Woodworkers of all skill levels. Woodworking Projects, Woodworking Techniques, Woodworking Skills. It's a fun way to learn new things, increase your confidence and skill level while making useful and beautiful objects from Wood. Host Steve Hay will share his knowledge freely and from time to time have special guest videos unloaded for your enjoyment.

9. Horizon Hobby

61,266 subscribers
We Help People Have FUN with Hobbies!

10. 2tinytreasures

25,748 subscribers
Scrapbooking and paper crafting with project life and traveler's notebooks. I also enjoy organizing and making party decorations.

11. My Garage Woodshop

54,409 subscribers
I recently picked up woodworking, "accidentally". I am not a master by any means but enjoy the craft and sharing it with others. I will be chronicling my new adventures in woodworking, my growth in the craft, setting up shop, and filling my house with my own pieces.

12. Chris Salomone

234,344 subscribers
I love designing things..and I tolerate building them. I'm not the greatest designer, woodworker, filmmaker, speaker, or anything else. But I think the things I make are pretty decent...and I enjoy them. I hope you'll enjoy them too. At the very least I hope to entertain you, and at the very most I hope to inspire you. Thank you for reading...and happy building!

13. AirArmsHuntingSA

176,473 subscribers
Welcome to AirArmsHuntingSA, a Channel dedicated to Air Rifle Hunting & Shooting Videos. The primary aim of this Channel is to promote the Sport of Airgun Hunting & Shooting through Shooting Tutorials, Equipment Reviews, Hunting Documentaries, and Compilations.

14. Let'sPlayGuitar!

845,387 subscribers
At Let'sPlayGuitar, I aim to give you the best quality acoustic guitar lessons mainly through tutorials on how to play different songs in different styles and at the same time, helping you progress! I owe everything to my viewers from all around the world. Your support and willingness to learn guitar keep me moving forward towards my mission to teach guitar! I look forward to helping you progress on your journey. I wish you all the success. Thank you. Keep playing!

15. GuitarLessons365Song

559,881 subscribers
Hey, guys, this is Carl Brown from GuitarLessons365.com! I hope you enjoy all of my guitar lessons teaching hundreds of the greatest songs ever written. Have fun and thanks for watching!!

16. MarsupialPudding

24,858 subscribers
This is a time-lapse video of my latest space painting, it's acrylic on canvas. Paint time for this was around 20 minutes, at most 30 if you take into account by moving the camera around. :P

17. dans-hobbies

4,396 subscribers
The woodworking & metalworking projects of a web developer.

18. Big Mike's Hobby Channel

2,185 subscribers
My channel is mainly a mix of videos dealing with firearms and RC vehicles. As my interests change so will the subjects of my videos. I like to joke around so don't be surprised if you see a few non-RC or non-Gun videos. While I try to produce good content for the community, I have found that I make videos that interest me and it is just a huge bonus that other people will sit through them as well.