Gorgeous little fluffy hamsters love attention and love to play with their owners. They are cute, funny and extremely active. We suggest you watch the amazing videos features these creatures on Best YouTube Hamsters Channels! It’s not all about fun, but also useful information and advice on how to take good care of your hamster to make sure they live a happy and healthy life.

1. VanillaHamHam

537,214 subscribers
Hamster DIYs, mini cooking, and cuteness!

2. HoppingHammy

202,728 subscribers
Hi! I'm HoppingHammy! I love hamsters and also enjoy photography and film-making. Currently, I do not have any hamsters, but I do intend to adopt again in future. I feel very strongly about adoption and giving unwanted animals a second chance. ♡ ♡ ♡ My channel will be a fun mix of hamsters and randomness! I hope you enjoy my content, laugh, and learn a lot about hamsters.

3. AprilsAnimals

151,941 subscribers
Cute hamsters, more cute hamsters and even more cute animal videos. Watch tiny dwarf hamsters do the cutest things in their custom-made playgrounds and obstacle courses.

4. Victoria Raechel

142,583 subscribers
Hi, I'm Victoria, an 18-year old who's life literally revolves around animals and you're probably only watching this channel for them. So if you don't like animals you probably are on the wrong channel. My channel varies from Hamsters to rabbits, to crested geckos, to cats and dogs!

5. ErinsAnimals

192,416 subscribers
Hi, I'm Erin and welcome to our very furry YouTube channel! This channel is my place to share the animals in my life with others and along the way encourage owners (both new and experienced) to keep learning as much as they can about caring for their furry friends. Along with cute animal footage, you'll also find DIYs, step by step tutorials, vlogs, reviews and much more animal-related fun!

6. Hamster Horsesandcats

38,167 subscribers
Hello! I'm Hamster HorsesandCats aka Nat! I decided to set this channel up 4 years ago, to show cute clips of my little dwarf hamster Misty. After watching several other hamster videos, I realized my care and knowledge was all wrong - that's when I decided that I needed to spread the word of up to date pet care!

7. HammyLux

61,912 subscribers
This Channel is a little bit of everything. Vlogging certain aspects of my life and Pets.

8. KimmieGreen17

11,995 subscribers
I'm KimmieGreen17 and I ❤ animals! This Channel will have videos mainly about hamster cuteness, hamster care, and small pet DIY.

9. Fluffie Land

36,873 subscribers
Fluffy is a tiny pied roborovski hamster born with a thumbs-up on her back. She likes everything and hopes you'll like her too!!

10. Briana Zukotynski

12,083 subscribers
Living it up in the best time of my life. Join me on my adventures and experience life with me!!

11. Hamstars

106,116 subscribers
Hamsters life, hamster tips, hamsters video.

12. PugPibbleHedgie

24,651 subscribers
Hi everyone! Here you'll find videos of all of our pets, both about their care and just them being cute! This includes: -Draco and Blaise (African Pygmy hedgehogs) -Finnigan (Madagascar Lesser tenrec) -Gimli (Syrian hamster) -Narcissa (Campbell's dwarf hybrid hamster) -Merry (guinea pig) -Pippin (guinea pig) -Felix (mixed breed/dog) -Bear (pug/dog) -Nox (domestic short-haired cat)