Open your heart to guitar, this wonderful musical instrument. In fact, it is not just an instrument, it’s much more than that. And if you are overwhelmed with the thirst for mastering it, check out the videos made by guitar-lovers from all over the world, from well-known guitarists to amateurs who are just starting in Guitar on Best Youtube Channels. Star teachers will offer you interactive classes that cover many styles (blues, acoustics, jazz, country, metal and electric guitar).

1. JustinGuitar

778,783 subscribers
Welcome to my channel! All of my videos are embedded into my web site, so it will be a lot easier to find what you are looking for there. Plus there are many lessons that don't have the video that you might like too! Check it out by clicking the banner at the top of this page! My site works on an "honor" system. If you can afford to pay for the lessons then please donate for what you use - imagine it was a pay site. If you can't afford to donate it is no problem at all - the site is free for you.


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The guitar lessons on this channel are designed to help new students get started or experienced guitarists take their playing to the next level. We have guitar lessons for beginners, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, blues guitar, and more.

3. JamPlay

251,725 subscribers
We are proud to bring you some free lessons from the guitar lesson library. We will frequently be adding more goodies here for you to enjoy!

4. GuitarJamz

2,012,350 subscribers
Welcome to Guitar Jamz, the Internet's leading guitar instruction resource with an all-star roster of teachers, including Marty Schwartz, Bret Papa (aka "Papastache"), Tim Pierce, John Konesky (of Tenacious D) and more.

5. rockongoodpeople

326,539 subscribers
Here at RockOnGoodPeople, you can enjoy some of the best online guitar lessons available. We teach all levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced as well as all genres of music. So we have you covered if you want to learn rock, blues, country, jazz, metal, shred, gypsy jazz, surf, rockabilly, and more. Whether its acoustic or electric we have something for everyone.

6. Texas Blues Alley

168,307 subscribers
Texas Blues Alley is where aspiring guitar slingers can improve their craft, and experience more enjoyment in their own playing. Since 2007, Anthony Stauffer has been authoring courses and free lessons inspired by legendary artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Albert King and B.B. King. These courses are taught in plain English, and the concepts are broken down into logical pieces.Courses can be purchased individually or streamed online with a TXBA Locals membership. Members can watch everything on TXBA and they learn more, faster, using the most advanced learning tools available anywhere.

7. guitarjamzdotcom

404,214 subscribers
Welcome to GuitarJamzDotCom, where we're changing the world, one guitar lesson at a time! Learn to play guitar from our all-star roster of teachers, including Marty Schwartz, Bret Papa (aka "Papastache"), Tim Pierce, John Konesky (of Tenacious D) and more.

8. Guitar Compass

183,396 subscribers
Guitar Compass features guitar lessons for beginners, blues, acoustic, jazz, country, metal, and electric guitar. Learn how to play guitar with high-quality lessons from professional teachers.

9. TrueFire

308,833 subscribers
Founded in 1991, TrueFire has collaborated with 600+ top educators to produce what Guitar Player Magazine calls "the planet's largest and most comprehensive selection of online guitar lessons." TrueFire's course library features 25,000+ interactive video guitar lessons covering all styles, techniques, and levels. Course material is available anytime, anywhere, on any device (desktop, mobile, and streaming).

10. Robert Renman

110,398 subscribers
Hey there, I'm Robert Renman - I teach blues, rock, jazz, fusion, country, metal, funk, even shred guitar! Check out my large inventory of lessons. My main site is - see my free weekly lessons and everything else I offer there. I also do product demos now and then. Contact me if you want me to demo your product. Please Subscribe to my channel - and Spread The Word if you like what I do.

11. YourGuitarSage

419,298 subscribers
Hey there my friend! Need some guitar help? I want YOU to have the first 30 lessons that I teach all my Nashville one-on-one students. I'm a professional guitarist/teacher & have taught 100s of students and 1000s of lessons. I grew up with 70's & 80's music, but I now play everything from classical to modern rock. I have TONS of guitar lesson videos lessons here & more guitar lessons & resources.

12. youcanlearnguitar

265,882 subscribers
Welcome to YouCanLearnGuitar, where the name says it all — you CAN learn guitar ... more easily and faster than you ever thought possible. And we prove it with our all-star roster of teachers, including Marty Schwartz, Bret Papa (aka "Papastache"), Tim Pierce, John Konesky (of Tenacious D) and more.