Let's be honest, we all love to dream of treasures, fantasize about mysteries, incredible adventures, and dangers that surround them. And with the help of the Internet and GPS, these dreams recently turned into a very exciting activity called geocaching. And if you enjoy being outside and meeting interesting people, join the geocacher community on Best YouTube Geocaching Channels in search of treasures other people hide from them. Learn the rules, different types of places geocachers hide stuff in and much more. Check out these Best YouTube Geocaching Channels today.

1. Geocaching

57,980 subscribers
This is the official Geocaching YouTube channel. Share your geocaching adventure videos of this family-friendly, high-tech, GPS powered treasure hunt. Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.

2. The Geocaching Vlogger

44,185 subscribers
HE GEOCACHING VLOGGER, a vlog that features our geocaching adventures as we find the awesome geocache (s). NEW GEOCACHING VIDEOS EVERY WEEK! This channel features unique geocaches, geocache spoilers (with cache owners permission), geocaching events, amazing locations, amazing hides, and some of the best geocaches we have found.

3. Moon dye

25,708 subscribers
The Moondye7 Reallife Channel, expecting sinister insights into my private life.

4. geocachespoilers

17,773 subscribers
Geocache Spoilers was created by Steve (Sven/Svengali) and his girlfriend Nicole (Cup) Sadly Steve passed away in 2012 but Cup is keen for the site to continue and provide fun geocaching information. All of Sven and Cup's geocaches are now maintained by a group of cachers called "Celebrating Sven"


5,861 subscribers
An award-winning GEOCACHING YouTuber! Check out my Pics, read my Tweets and watch my weekly Vlogs!
Geopat92's Geocaching Adventures! Hello! I'm geopat92 and welcome to my Geocaching adventures! Come along Geocaching with my friends and I as we find creative, unique, difficult, and innovative geocaches while having a lot of fun along the way. Whether you're a Geocaching amateur or a Geocaching expert, you can expect to enjoy many Geocaching adventures that will make you want to get out there and find a cache as well as many Geocaching ideas you can use in your own community.

7. Geocaching Kaity

2,428 subscribers
Hey Y'all, my name is Kaity and here you can come along with me on my geocaching adventures. The GPS is my friend and poison ivy is the ultimate enemy!

8. Nathus World Of Geocaching

2,404 subscribers
Everything about hobby geocaching with an emphasis on exciting, creative hiding places, adventures (LPC, T5, etc.), rarities, etc. Have you an interesting video? Always here with it! We are happy to collect further experiences, adventures, inspirations, event reports etc.

9. Geo Paul

1,722 subscribers
Welcome to the GeoPaul's Youtube Channel. Hello, I am GeoPaul (Dr. Evil. on I am a normal guy that likes getting outdoors and this works well with the hobby of geocaching. While many of my adventures start with geocaching they often end in interesting and unexpected ways. Hopefully, the stories of my mistakes will help you not repeat the same blunders. Even better, I hope that my stories of the fun me and my friends have had will inspire you to get out there with your families and friends.

10. geocachingouttakes

1,528 subscribers
These are some of the clips that didn't make it into our main geocaching vlog channel, and some other random stuff from our family adventures.

11. Geo Dudez

1,582 subscribers
Welcome to the Official GeoDudez YouTube Page! The GeoDudez is a Geocaching group based out of Phoenix, Arizona. We Geocache in many environments including desert, woods, and urban.

12. The Geocaching Network

1,342 subscribers
The Geocaching Network is a collection of geocaching channels with the goal to... 1. Provide a hub to promote geocaching videos from all over the world in one place. 2. Help geocaching video creators grow their channels and get more exposure to their videos. 3. Building up the community of geocachers and geocaching video creators by fostering relationships through YouTube.