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Let's play computer games that can be so exciting and give a lot of positive emotions together on Best YouTube PC Games Channels! Tons of information about your favorite games, classics from your childhood, reviews of newly released games, ratings, recommendations on PC games, the latest news from the gaming world and much more! Take a dive into the sea of games on Best YouTube Channels.

1. Total Biscuit

2,242,456 subscribers
YouTube's #1 PC gaming critic. Sick of game reviews? Watch lengthy first impressions gameplay with honest and informative commentary. Get an idea of what you're getting into before you spend your money with "WTF is..", YouTube's most popular first impressions gaming series

2. Robbaz

1,520,109 subscribers
Hello, I'm a basement dweller, mad scientist and gaming enthusiast from Sweden.

3. Dopefish

11,192 subscribers
The most awesome channel on YouTube! Featuring let's play, montages, speedruns, and Livestream highlights!

4. Lazy Game Reviews

861,514 subscribers
Commentary on PC games, retro tech, and more! Classic computer gaming, Oddware, The Sims, thrifting, Tech Tales etc Mondays: more relaxed videos on whatever (shorter game reviews, LGR Plays, unusual topics) Fridays: usually more substantive videos on stuff (Reviews, Oddware, Tech Tales, LGR Thrifts) "Laziness is a state of mind, not necessarily a lack of action."

5. Shibby2142

196,615 subscribers
HEY, YOU! I am Shane and I also go by Shibby as my "gamer" name. I work at Machinima (Warner Brothers) in Los Angeles California as the Executive Producer for the Realm Games YouTube channel/franchise. You may have seen me on Inside Gaming Daily, ETC's TUGS Totally Uninformed Gaming Show or various other places. I have been on the YouTube platform since 2006 and was on Twitch TV when it was simply known as "Justin TV" as well. Let's just say I have been around the block a few times. If you have a business inquiry, please reach me at the email below.

6. Yogscast

7,267,574 subscribers
Gmod, GTA, board games, insane live action challenges... welcome to The Yogscast! We're a group of friends who love playing games and sharing it with you. We post a new video every day so if you want multiplayer insanity, if you want to lay back board games, if you want live action nonsense, then look no further.

7. SideStrafe

185,423 subscribers
Quality commentary, critique and thought to provoke discussion with the standards you deserve. The SideStrafe channel at its core is one of variety, however, I only cover games that peak my interest. While I enjoy a wide variety of genres I tend to be quite picky and only share that which I deem worthy of at very least a first impression. Please remember that this is a hobby channel and I play what I enjoy.

8. Crashdance22

18,568 subscribers
Videos on channel about real-world issues/news, gaming industry news.

9. meatwagon22

677,975 subscribers
Check out today for family-friendly let's play's all your favorite games. Battlefield, Call of Duty, Zombies, Minecraft, open-world sandbox games, and much more. Join the Meathead Nation and make new friends with us.

10. Noclip

230,776 subscribers
Noclip is a documentary-focused channel, dedicated to providing insight on your favorite new games, childhood classics and more. This outlet is primarily for the serious gaming crowd, with videos like "Unraveling VR's Potential," documentaries on hits like Doom and Rocket League and a variety of developer profiles. If the nitty-gritty of gaming is your thing, be sure check them out.

11. Maximilian Dood

829,123 subscribers
As self-proclaimed video game hype man, Maximillian does exactly that. His primary focus is on fighting games and arcade titles, with new releases like Tekken 7 and Injustice 2 slipping into the mix. This goofy gamer is the one to watch if you're all about those one-two punches and combo moves.

12. Kinda Funny Games

234,220 subscribers
Slinging up a mishmash of panel discussions, gameplay and other entertaining content, these guys are a must-see for all things gaming. Each stream is hosted by one or more of four hilarious group members with special guests popping in periodically. Not only is their in-game green screen action pretty epic, your cheeks will get sore from laughing so much.