Fun Remixes
Creating a short movie is probably the most complicated thing in the movie industry. One of the funniest things you can find on YouTube is remixes when people make hilarious alterations to some well-known and most-watched videos. On Best YouTube Fun Remix Channels you will find tons of this stuff that will make you laugh hard. Remixed political shows, commercials, movies, animations and more. Check out Best YouTube Fun Remix Channels!

1. cassetteboy

191,938 subscribers
We're doing a comedy disco with DJ Rubbish, mixing pop hits with people off the telly. Book us for your Students Union, club night, birthday or funeral (probably not funeral). Some actual real people who saw us when we did it in Edinburgh said this sort of thing on Twitter afterward: "never has a party been so funny"

2. swedemason

64,383 subscribers
Best, best remixes.

3. djsteveporter

66,091 subscribers
DJ Steve Porter is a master of remixes who is responsible for some truly epic remixes, mostly of infomercials.

4. Pogo

712,203 subscribers
Pogo’s channel is very music still active, with an average of one new video uploaded every month.

5. Melody Sheep

392,017 subscribers
MELODYSHEEP is John D. Boswell, a Washington State-based musician, remix artist, and video creator.

6. The Gregory Brothers

243,229 subscribers
This is The Gregory Brothers' 2nd channel! A catch-all for behind-the-scenes stuff, vlogs, covers, original songs, barbershop tags, WikiWars, live concert footage and much much more! Here you can peek behind the curtain of schmoyoho videos, Auto-tune the News and Songify This. We'll also announce any new big ideas or projects on this channel.

7. schmoyoho

3,138,166 subscribers
Schmoyoho is made by The Gregory Brothers: Michael, Andrew, Sarah, and Evan. This channel is where we Songify® the universe, because everything is better as a song, duh. Check out our videos, from Songify the News (previously Auto-Tune the News), classics like Bed Intruder Song & Double Rainbow Song, and original songs that make you say wat.

8. kutiman

91,454 subscribers
Kutiman is an acclaimed musician, composer, producer, and video artist from Israel. His work has been deemed "the future of music" and "internet's new frontier”. Kutiman has been nominated and presented as a Webby honoree for his various projects and has been praised by esteemed publications such as The New York Times, Time Magazine, Slate, and Billboard. Watch this space for new music, videos, and collaborations to come!

9. RemixManiacs

91,858 subscribers
Hello Everyone. Thank You for viewing our channel. This YouTube Channel is an Alter Ego of our main Production company, THA J-SQUAD BEAT MASTAZ PRODUCTIONZ. Back in the day, we used to do a lot of crazy fun samples. Songs people would not even dream of Remixing. We would like to welcome you to the Official remix page of THA J-SQUAD. A Page filled with crazy, random. and fun samples that are flipped into Hip Hop, Dubstep, Krump, House, Pop, R and B etc. We will make anything into a song just to expand our skills for the ultimate test.

10. WeeklyTubeShow

99,159 subscribers
Parody dubs, animation, and more.

11. NightcoreMelodyRemix

170,432 subscribers
Hello everyone! NightcoreMelodyRemix here! And I just wanted to let everyone know that I make Nightcore and make AMVs for a hobby! Unfortunately, if you are a returning subscriber, you already know that I lost my main channel and will have to be forced to make a new one.

12. Geek Remix

155,664 subscribers
Easter egg videos, lets plays, fun game clips, and more. :3 Mari and Stacy are seriously going to rock your world.