French comedies are well-known and loved all over the world. So no wonder the most popular YouTube blogger here is a comedian. The French can make fun even of pretty serious things. With our selection of the Best French YouTube channels, we offer you not only to have fun but also to receive useful information from the authors of popular scientific channels, learn French and cook delicacies in your own kitchen.


10,578,678 subscribers
Yo everyone is Squeezie! I love to laugh in front of the games, so if I can make you laugh at the same time, it's pretty cool?

2. Jericho

607,474 subscribers
Welcome to the Jericho channel. Here you find different topics you do not know exist, strange phenomena, strange discoveries if you like the top 10 and the top 5.

3. MrAntoineDaniel

2,791,497 subscribers
Antoine Daniel shows videos on various topics: mainly, it concerns countries, for example, Japan, Russia. Each video consists of three stories. Also, here you will find sci-fi stories. Antoine jokes a lot and says quickly that it makes his understanding difficult for non-French-speaking viewers, but the video includes subtitles.

4. Cyprien

12,109,774 subscribers
I make videos, plus you can even watch them! Topics include ads versus reality, school, being a geek and things I hate. The videos have subtitles in more than 10 languages.

5. Monde des Titounis

2,173,868 subscribers
Welcome to the children's channel: Titounis World! Here, little children will find new videos each week to sing (with a selection of the best rhymes and songs in French and English), learn French (with educational videos to learn the alphabet, numbers, colors etc.). ..) and dreaming (with a selection of the best tales and stories of Grimm, Perrault or Andersen to listen to and watch with family).


10,746,984 subscribers
Hello! Well, my name is Norman and I make videos where I tell my life but mostly I talk about things that concern us all! well, I think...
Le Rire Jaune (The Yellow Laugh) shoots videos about Parisian everyday life, about his mother, the French school system and other topics. Le Rire Jaune (The Yellow Laugh) raises serious themes, but makes it fun and funny. The videos contain English subtitles.

8. Natoo

4,276,706 subscribers
I make videos. You are already on the right site to view it is good! I make jewels too: And I go for walks with my dogs on different green sites.

9. e-penser

991,586 subscribers
Why is yawn contagious? What is a black hole? How are rainbows formed? Was Aristotle right at least once during his lifetime? Why 42? Doctor who? What did Einstein really do? The Higgs boson ?! Stay curious, and take the time to re-think.

10. Français Authentique

333,907 subscribers
Authentic French is for people whose mother tongue is not French but who have a solid foundation in that language. You lived in France, worked in a French-speaking country or just studied French at school? This site is made for you. You will have the opportunity here to read and listen to 100% authentic French. All articles are created by people whose mother tongue is French.

11. Sananas

2,175,308 subscribers
Tips and tricks Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle! Oh and a lot of humor too, in fact, a little bit of everything ;-) I sometimes tell my life and I share my daily life but everything with fun! ALWAYS! Welcome to the Sananas Family!

12. Hervé Cuisine

722,546 subscribers
Hervé Cuisine was the first food channel launched in France in 2007, with now more than 400 recipes from all over the world. 2 weekly videos (Tuesdays and Fridays) to help you become a better cook and inspire you with salty dishes and bakes, from France and around the world.