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Having a beautiful aquarium or a small fish tank and keeping fish at home is one of the favorite hobbies people of all ages have. If you already have one or just planning to become a fishkeeper (or an “aquarist”), check out the channels under Fish & Aquariums. You’ll learn a lot of useful things from real pros, true experts in fishkeeping who have been doing it for years. You will receive invaluable information about different types of aquarium fish, the secrets of the successful fishkeeping of marine and river species, the equipment and gadgets you need to make your life easier, tips on aquarium cleaning and much more. Learn more at Fish & Aquariums!

1. BulkReefSupplyCom

135,780 subscribers
BRStv brings you relevant and easy to understand information about the saltwater aquarium and reefing hobby. • Instructional Videos -- DIY projects such as setting up a reverse osmosis system, hanging an LED light or installing a sump. • Educational Videos -- Starting, maintaining and keeping a saltwater tank, choosing the right protein skimmer or selecting the best aquarium lighting for your tank set up. • Product Review Videos -- Expand your knowledge of popular reefing products from brands like EcoTech, Vertex, Kessil and more.

2. Dustin's Fish Tanks

119,292 subscribers
Aquarium Plants and planted fish tanks. Dustin's Fish tanks. I love this channel and have a blast with the aquarium hobby. Dirt in my planted tanks for days. I believe that you don't have to spend a fortune or do a ton of work to have a killer planted tank. You just need to take the time and dirt your planted aquarium tank. This channel has been dedicated to me spreading my knowledge about keeping fish and planted aquarium tanks. I love it.

3. JacobsAquarium

46,931 subscribers
Jacobs Aquarium is a channel dedicated to home aquarium hobby.

4. Melev’s Reef

38,346 subscribers
It's my hope that the information I share will help answer those pesky questions and help you be successful in this hobby. Some videos may be longer to adequately cover the topic, while others are brief moments with eye candy.

5. Wayne's Fish World

30,405 subscribers
Welcome to Wayne's Fish World, dive on into my aquariums and ponds, giving you my experiences my thoughts, and engaging you to take part of my channel.

6. MASS Aquariums

35,437 subscribers
Planted tanks, South America Cichlids, African Cichlids, Saltwater Aquariums, Reef Tanks, Fish updates, Species Specials, BALL BUSTIN, LIFE TIPS and a whole lot of Boston accent nonsense. You will learn, triumph and make your aquarium thrive.

7. MA Fishguy

30,270 subscribers
Here are some products that I love and use. If you're looking to set up a tank come view this equipment.
Marine Depot sells the best aquarium gear, nutrition, and supplements the world has to offer. On our YouTube channel, you'll find a bunch of cool reef tank videos on topics ranging from LED aquarium lighting and auto-top off systems to helpful how-tos and interviews with industry heavyweights.

9. Tidal Gardens Inc.

45,385 subscribers
Welcome to Tidal Gardens on YouTube. This channel is about all things saltwater with an emphasis on reef aquariums and propagating coral in icy cold Copley, OH. I love underwater videography and showing the incredible beauty of the coral reefs.

10. LAfishguy

22,079 subscribers
With over 500 aquarium reality videos of LA Fishguys encompassing eight years worth of Jim Stime's Aquarium Design aquarium installations, aquarium services, aquarium vendors and some purchases, tradeshows and other business-related issues, these are true and have been edited for entertainment purposes.

11. Arron’s Aquarium

23,885 subscribers
The goal here is to make your aquarium experience fun and rewarding. At Aarons Aquarium we try our best to make reefing as simple to understand as possible so you can maximize your experience from day one.

12. Tropica Aquarium Plants

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Doesn’t have a lot of videos yet, but got on my radar quickly. Dave has a huge 1100 gallon system. This system also includes an outdoor frag tank and sump. The display aquarium is behind words with you guessed it, Too many fish.