If there were no farmers, the world would be hungry. The videos in Farming on Best YouTube Channels will interest both experienced farmers and those who are just planning to start farming but have never grown a crop and knows nothing about cattle. Experienced farmers from all over the world record great videos about their agricultural business, you will learn about the latest achievements in agriculture, the impact of weather on crops, the characteristics of livestock farms, the equipment, and transport needed on farms. Become a good farmer with Farming on Best YouTube Channels!

1. John Suscovich

65,364 subscribers
Farm Marketing Solutions inspires and educates the next generation of farmers. How do we do it? We provide business and marketing information for family farmers. Through informative articles, instructional videos, and the Growing Farms Podcast we encourage others to start farming and help current farmers increase revenues.

2. How Farms Work

142,449 subscribers
We're a YouTube channel dedicated to showing people who weren't born on a farm what the farming life is like by vlogging events on the farm from How To Operate videos, all the way down to daily activities. How Farms Work is a dynamic farm vlog that showcases several beef and crop farms located in Southwestern Wisconsin. Equipment operation, techniques, daily activities, and farming strategies are all first-hand accounts given by Ryan, an agricultural business major whose family run these farms. How Farms Work takes place on over 10 different farms, with each farm ranging from 30 to 200+ acres.

3. My Organic Farm

33,511 subscribers
Welcome To My Organic Farm! On this channel, I, Arya Pudota, will be showing you the way to live organic. Watch our videos to find how to live the organic way!

4. C.G Agri Videos

33,482 subscribers
Welcome to our channel. Farming video. Craig and Gary.

5. Peterson Farm Bros

147,314 subscribers
The Peterson Farm Bros are made up of Greg (26), Nathan (23), and Kendal (20) Peterson and we love agriculture! This channel is full of videos about our family farm and what we do to help feed the world. Our videos range from parodies to informational videos, to entertainment videos, to our "Life of a Farmer" documentaries. It is our hope that these videos will give everyone who watches them a better understanding of what a real farm in the midwest looks like. We try to be as honest and upfront as possible in our videos and our posts and hope that viewers will realize how much hard work goes into farming!

6. Farmers Weekly Video

28,718 subscribers
Growing for seed production is helping one Shropshire farmer add value to his crop rotation. Farmers Weekly went to find out more. ​

7. thefunkyfarmer

44,984 subscribers
This channel is dedicated to life on our small family run dairy farm in Gloucestershire, England. The videos have been put together by me as I work on the farm. I will be filming on the farm for an entire year and hope to end up with a record of what it's like to work on a small farm in the UK. We are not a large scale intensive farm and firmly believe in farming with the environment in mind.

8. George Saunders

62,560 subscribers
A predominately farming and machinery based channel featuring my daily jobs and machines that I operate. Also including wherever possible footage of machines working that I may come across. I hope you all enjoy.

9. Farmers Guardian

11,112 subscribers
The official YouTube page for Farmers Guardian - Agriculture's National Newspaper.

10. Justin Rhodes

263,467 subscribers
Farming life video.

11. Northern farmer

13,354 subscribers
I am a farmer in Northern Alberta, Canada. I made this YouTube channel to show people from around the world what it is like to farm In northern Canada. Come along for the ride and view my daily activities as I get the work was done that needs to be done. See How the Hot summers and cold nights affect crops to the cold winters and how we manage with that.

12. The Farming Life

17,247 subscribers
Come along with me and learn about our family farm from the view of the farmer's wife. .that's me. I didn't grow up on a farm, but my husband grew up farming so here we are 4 kids, later raising them on the farm.